LaBeef Sleepy - Rocks! (CD)

LaBeef Sleepy - Rocks! (CD)


”Sleepy LaBeef rocks..yes, he really rocks on these 35 classic recordings.Not for Sleepy the mushy stuff that sometimes passes as rock ’n’ roll. We’re talking raw and authentic 1950s rockabillyhere. And some 1960s and 1970s recordings that rock even harder, if possible, while retaining the uncompromisingspirit that only a true original artist can.Sleepy LaBeef was there in the mid-1950s when rockabilly was born. He heard and saw it all, and he was a part of it.From his first records for Starday and Dixie in Texas, through small Houston labels and the major national label,Columbia, Sleepy still kept rocking. He carried on rocking on the reactivated Sun label in the 1970s. It was a marriagemade in rock ’n’ roll heaven.On stage Sleepy LaBeef has long had the reputation as a human jukebox, a living, breathing, guitar-picking history ofAmerican music. After fifty years, he still dispenses pulsating rocking blues and country songs, one after the other inamazingly quick succession. This CD is as close as the listener can get to that kind of live experience.And, better still; you get the real original recordings in the best possible sound quality.”

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  • 1. All The Time
  • 2. I'm Through
  • 3. Baby Let's Play House
  • 4. All Alone
  • 5. I Ain't Gonna Take It
  • 6. Lonely
  • 7. Don't Make Me Go
  • 8. Little Bit More (alt)
  • 9. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
  • 10. Turn Me Loose
  • 11. You're So Easy To Love
  • 12. Ridin' Fence
  • 13. The Ways Of A Woman In Love
  • 14. Walkin' Slowly
  • 15. Ride On Josephine
  • 16. Home Of The Blues
  • 17. Tore Up
  • 18. Little Bit More
  • 19. You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven
  • 20. Goodnight Irene
  • 21. Guess Things Happen That Way
  • 22. Can't Get You Off Of My Mind
  • 23. I Found Out
  • 24. You Can't Catch Me
  • 25. Shame, Shame, Shame
  • 26. Ain't Got No Home
  • 27. Too Much Monkey Business
  • 28. Honey Hush
  • 29. Good Rockin' Boogie
  • 30. Roll Over Beethoven
  • 31. I'm Coming Home
  • 32. Shot-Gun Boogie
  • 33. Honky Tonk Man
  • 34. Lonesome For A Letter
  • 35. Ride On Josephine

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