Lee Cari And The Saddle-Ites - Red Barn Baby (CD)

Lee Cari And The Saddle-Ites - Red Barn Baby (CD)


Hieno esikoisalbumi Amerikoista. Kunnon heinähattu hillbilly-rockabillyä! Viimeisen päälle authentic kamaa!

She’s been called America’s Hillbilly Sweetheart”. Put together with some of the finest musicians in the Golden West, Cari Lee and The Saddle-ites have once again earned the acclaim of critics world wide as they launch their new full length CD release, Red Barn Baby, on Spain’s El Toro Records.

Declarations such as ”Five Star Quality!”, ”Full of vim and vigor!” and ”Timeless appeal!” continue to be proclaimed by critics and audiences alike. Cari Lee has shared stages worldwide with talent ranging from contemporary Americana chart hitters such as Wayne Hancock and Nick Kane from the Grammy Award winning band The Mavericks to Country and Rock-n-Roll stars of yesteryear including Glen Glenn and Narvel Felts.

Cari Lee has, no doubt, won the hearts of even the most finicky of music connoisseurs with her varied vocal styles ranging from vocal harmonies on the up tempo Hillbilly number ”Kiss Me Tonight” to her power packed vocal punches on the rockin’ ”How Do You Like That” right on over to the heart wrenching torch song ”Don’t Ever Leave Me”! Cari Lee’s talent has raised the question, ”Is there anything that this gal can’t do?!” ”Hadacol Rhythm” and ”Stop That Tom Cattin'” both swing with such authentic western style that they’d make Billy Jack Wills blush. The title track, ”Red Barn Baby” along with ”’Till I Met You” combine the harmonies of Steve Merritt’s lead guitar and Billy Wilson’s steel guitar and demonstrate how to really bop hillbilly style. Add to the list a few songs like ”Stop Whistlin’ Wolf” and ”You’re Gonna Be Sorry Some of These Days” and you’ve got Rose Maddox, herself, smiling down from the heavens above! With Dickie Hanses on double bass and Leor Beary on drums, this CD is loaded with music that will tickle your ears and tap your feet.”

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  • 1. 'Till I Met You (C. L. Merritt - Nice Guy Music, BMI)
  • 2. Red Barn Baby (C. L. Merritt - Nice Guy Music, BMI)
  • 3. Stop Whistlin' Wolf (Twomey/Wise/Thomas, copyright control)
  • 4. Kiss Me Tonight (C. L. Merritt - Nice Guy Music, BMI)
  • 5. How Do You Like That (C. L. Merritt - Nice Guy Music, BMI)
  • 6. Don't Ever Leave Me (Barnes, Blue Lake Music, BMI)
  • 7. Stop That Tom Cattin' (C. L. Merritt - Nice Guy Music, BMI)
  • 8. Only You (C. L. Merritt - Nice Guy Music, BMI)
  • 9. You're Gonna Be Sorry Some Of These Days (unknown/public domian)
  • 10. Hadacol Rhythm (C. L. Merritt - Nice Guy Music, BMI)
  • 11. Outbound Train (C. L. Merritt - Nice Guy Music, BMI)
  • 12. Green Tree Boogie (Haley, copyright control)

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