Owens Buck - ”Live” In Scandinavia (Coloured) (LP)

Owens Buck - ”Live” In Scandinavia (Coloured) (LP)


Buck Owens’ legendary live albums from Carnegie Hall, Japan and London were landmark efforts that captured Buck and the Buckaroos at their peak, but he also recorded other live albums overseas. The most obscure of Buck’s live releases was his April 1970 show in Oslo, Norway that featured Don Rich with the Buckaroos, Buck’s son Buddy Alan and the Hagers. Fiery and intense, it reflects that unique early ‘70s period when Buck was experimenting and broadening his sound beyond his old style. With only a couple thousand copies pressed for the Norwegian market, this was Buck’s rarest album.

Limited to 500 copies.

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Side A:
1 Gunnar Eide– Opening Announcement By Gunner Bide
2 Don Rich, The Buckaroos– Up On Cripple Creek 2:23
3 Don Rich, The Buckaroos– Okie From Muskogee 2:36
4 Don Rich, The Buckaroos– The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 2:24
5 Don Rich And The Buckaroos– Buckaroo 0:38
6 Murray Kash– Murray Kash Introduces Buddy Alan Owens
7 Buddy Alan– Freeborn Man 2:37
8 Buddy Alan– Big Mama’s Medicine Show 2:22
9 Murray Kash– Murray Kash Introduces The Hagers
10 The Hagers– I’m Jesse James 2:39
11 The Hagers– Six Days On The Road 3:04
Side B:
1 Murray Kash– Murray Kash Introduces Buck Owens
2 Buck Owens– Together Again / Act Naturally 4:10
3 Gunnar Eide– Gunner Bide Wishes Buck Owens Welcome
4 Buck Owens– Love’s Gonna Live Here / Cryin’ Time / Sam’s Place 2:42
5 Buck Owens– I’ve Got A Tiger By The Tail / Open Up Your Heart 2:30
6 Buck Owens– Orange Blossom Special 2:11
7 Buck Owens With Buddy Alan– Let The World Keep On A-Turnin’ 2:33
8 Buck Owens With Buddy Alan, The Hagers And Don Rich– Tall Dark Stranger 1:49
9 Buck Owens With Buddy Alan, The Hagers And Don Rich– Johnny B. Goode 2:25

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