Luman Bob - Rocks! (CD)

Luman Bob - Rocks! (CD)


Kaikki Bob Lumanin parhaat rockabillyt samalla cd:llä !

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• Contains a generous 36 tracks: the equivalent of a two-CD set
• Presents the best of Bob Luman ’rockin’ sides 
• Contains rare Texas demos and originally unissued Imperial and Capitol tracks from 1957 and ’58
• A feast for guitar fans, featuring the work of legendary pickers like James Burton, Eddie Cochran and Roy Buchanan
• Offers Bear Family’s critically acclaimed sound quality – these original tapes have never sounded so good!

Bob Luman – Big, good looking, a fine singer, and a hell of an entertainer. Women loved him and men admired him. Bob Luman had it all. 

Bob Luman’s entire recording career has been documented by Bear Family Records on two critically acclaimed box sets and a DVD of vintage performances. Now, the rockin’ best of these two sets is available on a single CD, drawn largely from Bob Luman’s earliest years. These tracks – including originally unissued material – offer ample proof of why Bob Luman is an icon to rockabilly collectors today.

You’ll hear not only the finest in Bob Luman’s virile vocals, including his biggest hit Let’s Think About Living, but also the stunning lead guitar work by the legendary James Burton. Sample the performances that led fellow Imperial Records artist Ricky Nelson to wrestle Luman’s band away from him after the two men first met in Los Angeles in 1957.

Included with this 36 track set is a detailed biography of the Texas rocker Bob Luman by music historian Hank Davis, based on exclusive interviews with Luman’s friends, fellow musicians (including Burton) and family members. Learn how an aspiring baseball player and country singer ch…

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  • 1. Red Hot
  • 2. Stranger Than Fiction
  • 3. Blue Days, Black Nights
  • 4. You're The Cause Of It All
  • 5. All Night Long
  • 6. That's Alright
  • 7. Whenever You're Ready
  • 8. Hello Baby
  • 9. Red Cadillac And A Black Mustache
  • 10. In The Deep Dark Jungle
  • 11. This Is The Night
  • 12. Make Up Your Mind Baby (wild version)
  • 13. Your Love
  • 14. Wild Eyed Woman
  • 15. No Use in Lying
  • 16. Guitar Picker
  • 17. Everybody's Talkin'
  • 18. I Know My Baby Cares
  • 19. Try Me
  • 20. My Baby Walks All Over Me
  • 21. Loretta (take 4)
  • 22. Boom Boom Boom Yippy Yi Ya (take 5) - Buttercup
  • 23. Let's Think About Living
  • 24. You've Got Everything
  • 25. Why, Why, Bye, Bye
  • 26. Old Friends
  • 27. Bad Bad Day
  • 28. I Love You Because
  • 29. Meet Mr. Mud
  • 30. The Great Snowman
  • 31. Boston Rocker
  • 32. Oh Boy
  • 33. Johnny B. Goode
  • 34. Mystery Train
  • 35. Svengali

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