Monsters - The Jungle Noise Recordings 1994-95 (CD)

Monsters - The Jungle Noise Recordings 1994-95 (CD)


Recorded in 1994 With Robert Butler (Pantichrist) and Kat Allen (Reithalle Bern) this was the first Monsters Album With ELECTRIC BASS instead of Stand Up Bass, and with a Wall of TRASHED OUT FUZZ Guitars, and it was a big turning point for the Band after releasing the more or less Pschobilly GARAGE oriented ’THE HUNCH (1991)’ + ’MASKS (1989)’ Yves (the Lead Guitarist) Left the band and they shrank into a TRIO and Beat-Man added a FUZZ BOX and LEVEL 13 to the guitar, the whole band was fed up of the Clean Studio Sound and decided to do everything at Home and rented a Recording machine (AKAI-1214) and recorded it in only 2 Days !!

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1. Psych-Out with Me
2. Primitive Man
3. Searching
4. It's Not My Way
5. Lonesome Town
6. The Pot
7. Rock Around the Tombstone
8. Barbara
9. Play with Fire
10. She's My Witch
11. Out of My Life
12. Mummie Fucker Blues [Explicit]
13. Nightlife
14. 3:29     
15. Jungle Noise
16. Last Sick Surf Flick
17. In Hell
18. Plan 9
19. Skeleton Stomp

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