Various - More Boss Black Rockers Vol. 10 – Lonely Lonely Train (CD)

Various - More Boss Black Rockers Vol. 10 – Lonely Lonely Train (CD)


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ssued under the rightful title, More Boss Black Rockers, The “Mojo” Man was charged with the (enviable) task of bringing these albums to life. To achieve such an outcome, More Boss Black Rockers Vol. 10: Lonely Lonely Train continues its exploration of Black African American rock ‘n’ roll by mining deep into the heart of a traditional rhythm and blues scene of 50’s America that eventually became rock ‘n’ roll, where you will hear established artists rubbing shoulders with the obscure. This is merely one segment of the attraction because the sounds blaring from the adjacent speakers is often wild in nature, raw and dangerous, just as it is scintillating, not to mention unhinged rock ‘n’ roll. Let’s face it, it’s the kinds of sounds that no doubt left many a jaw gaping as rock ‘n’ roll was ushered into the world for the very first time upon an innocent public, before evolving into the next big thing and continuing to resonate in the present with an equally feisty presence. Quick, flip that last quarter for the final visit to 50’s rock ‘n’ roll! Perusing the lengthy list of rock ‘n’ roll contenders from the setlist of More Boss Black Rockers Vol. 10: Lonely Lonely Train, any attempt to arrive at a favourite makes for an impossible task because, quite simply, there’s not a dud in the house. There’s diversity aplenty with this closing chapter, ranging from vocal harmony groups, rhythm & blues and, of course, rock ‘n’ roll. It’s that last genre which is the main focus as it makes its presence felt via opening salvo ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ (Big Boy Myles), Jimmy Williams’ ‘C’mon Baby’, Edwin and Alvin’s ‘Shiverin’ and Shakin’, before Sonny Anderson enters the ring with Johnny and Dorsey’s ‘Lonely Lonely Train’. Further interest is generated by the vocal harmonies of The Jarmels’ ‘She Loves To Dance’, The Guytones’ ‘Baby I Don’t Care’, before shifting slightly with Little Richard who serves up a classy reminder with ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Happening’.

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01. Big Boy Myles – Hickory Dickory Dock (Mandolph) Speciality 590 1956
02. Johnny Acey – Please Don’t Go (Back To Baltimore) (No Credit) Fire 1015 1960
03. El Pauling & Royal Abbit – Please, Please, Be Mine (Pauling, Abbit) Federal -12398 1961
04. The Premiers – Hey Miss Fancy (Gilmer) RCA Victor 47-6958 1957
05. The Five Masks – Polly Molly (Braggs) Jan 11-101 1958
06. The Larks – Forget It (Brooks, Smith) Lloyd’s 45-114 1954
07. Roosevelt Grier – Struttin’ and Twistin’ (Grier) Liberty 55413 1962
08. The Dukes – Come On And Rock (Price) Imperial 5344 1957
09. The Guytones – Baby I Don’t Care (Evans, Gibson) DeLuxe 6163 1958
10. Curtis Knight – Gotta Have A New Dress (Horton, Knight) Shell 45-312-V 1962
11. Jim Sweeney – Sick, Sick, Sick (Bryant, Bryant) Columbia 4-41201 1958
12. Jimmy Williams – C’mon Baby (What’s Your Name) (Roberts, Katz) Cub K9039 1959
13. King Curtis – Beach Party (Ousley) Capitol 4788 1962
14. Phil Flowers – You Stole My Heart (Davis, Flowers, Flowers, Flowers) Hollywood 45-1089 1958
15. Lee Dorsey – Rock (Dorsey, Richards) Rex 1005 1959 16. The Spinners – Sud Buster (Fuqua, Gordy) Tri-Phi TP-1006 1961
17. Roy Tann – I Don’t Like It (Getz) Tan 3002 1957
18. Brook Benton – I Wanna Do Everything For You (Otis, Benton) Vik 4X-0825 1957
19. Ernie Tucker and His Operators – Betty and Bobby (Tucker) Musicor MU 1005 1961
20. Wynona Carr – Touch and Go (Bono) Speciality 628 1958
21. Otis Riley – Little Miss Bibbitty Bobbitty Boom (Riley) Kappa KA 209 1959
22. The Upsetters – Jaywalking (The Upsetters) Fire 1029 1960
23. Dean & Jean – Turn It Off (Lee, Young) Ember 1054 1959
24. Little Richard – Ain’t Nothin’ Happening (Biggs, Thomas) RCA-Victor 47-4772 1952
25. Edwin and Alvin – Shiverin’ and Shakin’ (Johnson, Johnson) Mercury 71549X45 1959
26. The Jarmels – She Loves To Dance (Seneca) Laurie 3085 1961
27. Sonny Anderson – Lonely Lonely Train (Burnette, Burnette)
28. Jimmy Witherspoon – Move Me Baby (Davis) Federal 45-12156 1953

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