Delmore Brothers - More From The 1930s Plus The 1940s And 1950s (4CD boxset) (CD)

Delmore Brothers - More From The 1930s Plus The 1940s And 1950s (4CD boxset) (CD)


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Tuottaja JSP Records
Vuosi 2018

1-1 The Delmore Brothers– I Got The Kansas City Blues
1-2 The Delmore Brothers– Keep The Camp Fires Burning
1-3 The Delmore Brothers– Alabama Lullaby
1-4 The Delmore Brothers– ’Cause I Don’t Mean To Cry When You’re Gone
1-5 The Delmore Brothers– Git Along
1-6 The Delmore Brothers– I Wonder Where My Darling Is Tonight
1-7 The Delmore Brothers– My Heart Will Be Crying
1-8 The Delmore Brothers– Someday You’ll Pay
1-9 The Delmore Brothers– Take It To The Captain
1-10 The Delmore Brothers– Boogie Woogie Baby
1-11 The Delmore Brothers– Born To Be Blue
1-12 The Delmore Brothers– Weary Day
1-13 The Delmore Brothers– Darby’s Ram
1-14 The Delmore Brothers– Take It Out On The Door
1-15 The Delmore Brothers– Gotta Have Some Lovin’
1-16 The Delmore Brothers– Pan American Boogie
1-17 The Delmore Brothers– Sand Mountain Blues
1-18 The Delmore Brothers– I Swear By The Stars
1-19 The Delmore Brothers– Life’s Too Short
1-20 The Delmore Brothers– Blues You Never Lose
1-21 The Delmore Brothers– Field Hand Man
1-22 The Delmore Brothers– I’ll Be There
1-23 The Delmore Brothers– Heartbreak Ridge
1-24 The Delmore Brothers– How You Gonna Get Your Lovin’ Done
1-25 The Delmore Brothers– I Said Goodnight To My Darling
2-1 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Mocking Bird
2-2 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Smith’s Waltz
2-3 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Doin’ The Goofus
2-4 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– There’s More Pretty Girls Than One
2-5 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Bonaparte’s Retreat
2-6 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Little Darling They Have Taken You From Me
2-7 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Never Alone
2-8 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Little Darling
2-9 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Cheatham County Breakdown No. 2
2-10 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– It’s Hard To Please Your Mind
2-11 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Love Letters
2-12 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Walking In My Sleep
2-13 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Lonesome For You
2-14 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Sweet Heaven
2-15 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Beautiful Mabel Clare
2-16 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Beautiful Memories
2-17 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Beautiful Brown Eyes
2-18 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Nellie’s Blue Eyes
2-19 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Across The Blue Ridge Mountains
2-20 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Lonesome Ramblers Blues
2-21 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– More Like His Dad Every Day
2-22 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Henpecked Husband Blues
2-23 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Her Little Brown Hand
2-24 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Lost Love
2-25 Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith*– Paris Waltz
3-1 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– Rockin’ On The Waves
3-2 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– If We Never Meet Again
3-3 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– I’ll Fly Away
3-4 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– The Lord Is Watching Over Me
3-5 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– Everybody Will Be Happy (Over There)
3-6 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– Hallelujah Morning
3-7 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– Old Camp Meeting
3-8 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– There’s A Light Guiding Me
3-9 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– Salvation Has Been Brought Down
3-10 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– When The Good Lord Cares
3-11 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– Over In Glory Land
3-12 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– On The Jericho Road
3-13 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– His Boundless Love
3-14 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– I’ve Got The Old Time Religion In My Heart
3-15 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– Rock Of Ages Hide Though Me
3-16 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– When He Blessed My Soul
3-17 The Brown’s Ferry Four*– When The Redeemed Are Gathering In
3-18 The Harlan County Trio– Show Me The Way
3-19 The Harlan County Trio– God Will Guide You
3-20 The Harlan County Trio– The Atomic Telephone
3-21 The Harlan County Trio– Ten Commandments
3-22 The Harlan County Trio– John Three Sixteen
3-23 The Harlan County Trio– My Father’s Mansion
3-24 The Harlan County Trio– Start To Praying
3-25 The Harlan County Trio– I Cried Holy
4-1 Wayne Raney– Fox Chase
4-2 Wayne Raney– Green Valley Waltz
4-3 Wayne Raney– Under The Double Eagle
4-4 Wayne Raney– Fast Train Through Arkansas
4-5 Wayne Raney– Jack And Jill Boogie
4-6 Wayne Raney– Lonesome Wind Blues
4-7 Wayne Raney– Lost John Boogie
4-8 Wayne Raney– Jole Blon’s Ghost
4-9 Wayne Raney– Why Don’t You Haul Off And Love Me
4-10 Wayne Raney– Del Rio Boogie
4-11 Wayne Raney– Red Ball To Natchez
4-12 Wayne Raney– Don’t Know Why
4-13 Wayne Raney– I’ve Done And Sold My Soul
4-14 Wayne Raney– I Love My Little Yo Yo
4-15 Wayne Raney– Pardon My Whiskers
4-16 Wayne Raney– If You’ve Got The Money
4-17 Wayne Raney– Real Hot Boogie
4-18 Wayne Raney– My Annabelle Lee
4-19 Wayne Raney– The Family Tree Musta Fell On Me
4-20 Wayne Raney– I Ain’t Nothin’ But A Tom Cat’s Kitten
4-21 Wayne Raney– I Had My Fingers Crossed
4-22 Wayne Raney– Catfish Baby
4-23 Wayne Raney– Blues At My Door
4-24 Wayne Raney– When They Let The Hammer Down
4-25 Delmore Brothers*– Steamboat Bill Boogie

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