Various - Nippon Girls – Japanese Pop, Beat & Bossa Nova 1966-1970 (CD)

Various - Nippon Girls – Japanese Pop, Beat & Bossa Nova 1966-1970 (CD)


* The Big Beat International label returns with a bang and another celebration of the wonderful world of Japanese 60s pop. After the acclaimed GS I Love You” volumes, it’s the girls turn, as Big Beat examine the distaff side of the country’s remarkable GS pop scene with ”Nippon Girls”.

* The likes of Shonen Knife and The 5-6-7-8s have given more face to women in Japanese pop, but they draw on a tradition that stretches back to the wild 1960s ”Group Sounds” era, when the Land Of the Rising Sun was smitten with westernised rock’n’roll, yet came to develop its own distinctive brand of the same. Like in the west, female artistes tended to be solo, though their accompaniment often came from some of the top GS acts like the Bunnies. Major female stars of the period represented here include Miki Obata, Linda Yamamoto and Mie Nakao, the latter with the fuzztoned classic `Sharock No 1′.

* The sound was eclectic, drawing upon not only the full smorgasbord of 60s styles like groovy go-go, lounge-y bossa nova and wobbly pop-psych, but also traditional Japanese songwriting and themes. There’s dance floor fillers such as `Ye-Ye’ and the usual fascinating interpretations of western material, such as Nana Kanomi’s take on the Zombies’ `I Love You’.

* ”Nippon Girls” is annotated by noted girl group expert and latter-day Japanese pop champion Sheila Burgel of Cha Cha Charming magazine, who provides a fascinating overview of this tremendous and compelling tributary of 60s pop. Highly recommended to girl group fanciers, GS groovers and any one else with a keen ear for eclectic 60s pop.

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  • 1. Black Room - Jun Mayuzumi
  • 2. Sharock No. 1 - Mie Nakao
  • 3. Peacock Baby - Reiko Ohara
  • 4. Suki Sa Suki Sa Suki Sa - Nana Kinomi & Leo Beats
  • 5. Taiyou Wa Naite Iru - Ayumi Ishida
  • 6. Yé-Yé - Eiko Shuri
  • 7. Nagisa No Tenshi - Mieko Hirota
  • 8. Koi No Ban Ban - Linda Yamamoto
  • 9. Kiiro No Sekai - J. Girls
  • 10. Suki Yo Ai Shite - Mari Atsumi
  • 11. Watashi No Inori - Rumi Koyama
  • 12. Komacchau Na - Linda Yamamoto
  • 13. Bazazz Tengoku - The Cupids
  • 14. Doyou No Yoru Nanika Ga Okiru - Jun Mayuzumi
  • 15. Hatsu Koi No Letter - Miki Obata
  • 16. Ame Agari No Samba - Ryoko Moriyama
  • 17. Taiyou Ga Kowai No - Kaoru Hibiki
  • 18. Uwasa No Futari - Mie Nakao
  • 19. Koi Wa Heart De - Aki Izumi
  • 20. Tenshi No Itazura - Emy Jackson
  • 21. Tsukikage No Rendezvous - Keiko Mari
  • 22. Aeba Suki Suki - Margaret With Bunnies
  • 23. Koi No Yorokobi - Sayuri Yoshinaga With Schoolmates
  • 24. Kaze To Otoko No Ko - Mieko Hirota
  • 25. Nikui Aitsu - Mika Nohira

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