Gutter Demons - No God, No Ghost, No Saints (Silver) (LP)

Gutter Demons - No God, No Ghost, No Saints (Silver) (LP)


Gutter Demons are blasting back on the scene with their fifth and arguably best album to date. No God, No Ghost, No Saints is eleven tracks of ultra high-caliber, balls-to-the-wall, punked up psycho rock n’ roll. From the blazing opening track to the epic closing medley, the album takes the listener on a hellacious joyride through the eerie underside of life, death and everything in between. These hardworking road warriors take no prisoners. Each and every one of their songs are delivered with the raw spirit of rock n roll; combining a sexed up rockabilly strut with the unapologetic fist in the air of punk rock and the manic mayhem of early metal. The Gutter Demons train is raging full steam ahead with North American tours lined up in fall 2018 and international tours to follow in 2019. No God, No Ghost, No Saints is your all-access ticket to the weirdly wild and undeniably dark world of the Gutter Demons.

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1. Psychotrons
2. Ravenous
3. Cold Call
4. Devil’s Hand
5. Damage Case
6. Faith
7. D.O.A.
8. Ghostrider
9. Bad Blood
10. Roadkills
11. Hell For Leather

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