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Various - On The Dancefloor With A Fingersnap – 31 Pops To Make The Party Shake! (CD)


1-CD (Digipak) with 36 page booklet, 31 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

In the CD series ’On The Dancefloor With …’ featuring the best danceable music, Bear Family Records® here deals with those songs that are accompanied by a percussive finger snap.
Everybody knows Fever, the umpteen times covered cool anthem. We offer Peggy Lee’s great version – and that’s just one example.
Without giving too much away, the album delivers irresistible grooves and songs by Joe Henderson, the Coasters, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Bill Haley, Dean Reed, Pat Morrissey and even B.B. King, Roger Miller and many others.
Chicago music historian Bill Dahl has written the detailed liner notes in the illustrated booklet to this CD compiled by Nico Feuerbach.

Never underestimate the percussive power of the simple fingerpop. Snapping one’s digits while listening to a cool melody can be tremendously satisfying and more than a little therapeutic – and this collection will have you doing precisely that from one end of its expertly curated songstack to the other.

From deep-voiced Joe Henderson’s ’62 smash Snap Your Fingers and The Coasters’ hipster streetlife vignette Three Cool Cats to Tennessee Ernie Ford’s immortal Sixteen Tons and Peggy Lee’s slinky Fever, you’ll find the whole thing hard to resist.

Not every selection is as well-known as those classics – obscurities by Pat Morrissey, Al Brown & His Tunetoppers, Dean Reed, Birdie Green, and Bill Haley and His Comets are but a few of its happy surprises (and you haven’t lived until you’ve heard blues immortal B.B. King take on 16 Tons).

They’re interspersed with more familiar inclusions by Ronnie Love, Connie Francis, Little Willie John, Roger Miller, LaVern Baker, and Chicago rock and roller Steve King (Satan Is Her Name) that’ll have you sharpening up your fingers in delighted anticipation of snapping along.

So get ready to get cool when you drop this disc in your changer – you’ll be fingerpopping like a pro!

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Dimensions 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm
Tuotekoodi BCD17718
Tuottaja Bear Family Records
Vuosi 2023

01 Snap Your Fingers Joe Henderson
02 Three Cool Cats The Coasters
03 16 Tons B. B. King
04 Fever Peggy Lee
05 Big Game Hunter Steve Gibson and The Original Red Caps
06 My Nerves Little Willie John
07 Trapped In The Web Of Love Pat Morrisey
08 King Of The Road Roger Miller
09 Fallin’ Connie Francis
10 Coal Miner Nappy Brown
11 Sweet Little Love Al Brown and his Tunetoppers
12 Hotel Happiness Brook Benton
13 Lookout Mountain Chuck Miller
14 Walk With Me Lord Ruth Brown
15 I Cast A Lonesome Shadow Hank Thompson
16 A Tale Of Woe Wynonie Harris
17 Hawk Bill Haley and his Comets
18 Jack That Cat Was Clean Dr. Horse
19 Chills And Fever Ronnie Love
20 Cindy Lou Dick Penner
21 Tiny Tim LaVern Baker
22 Fever Elvis Presley
23 Sixteen Tons Jimmy Dean
24 Doctor Heartache Tommy Sands
25 Pistolero Dean Reed
26 Love Charms Sanford Clark
27 My Heart Belongs To Daddy The Platters
28 Satan Is Her Name Steve King and The Echolons
29 Tremblin’ Birdie Green
30 Heartbeat The Collins Kids
31 I Can’t Takit No Longer Ben Harper


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