Various - On The Honky Tonk Highway With Augie Meyers & The Texas Re-Cord Co. (CD)

Various - On The Honky Tonk Highway With Augie Meyers & The Texas Re-Cord Co. (CD)


1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 26 tracks. Total playing time pprox.. 79 min.

For this CD, Bear Family Records® delves into the 1970s, when Texas country music, blues and redneck rock collided with West Coast hippie culture.
One of the essential protagonists: Augie Meyers from near San Antonio, Texas – musician, cult figure and label operator, who spiced the releases of his Texas Re-Cord Company (1975-’80) additionally with Tex-Mex Dance Hall Music and Western Swing Polkas.
More than 15 tracks for the first time on CD!
In total, Augie Meyers released some 30 singles and seven albums, and British music historian Martin Hawkins has selected 26 tracks of them.
This is the first time that a proper tribute to the achievements of Augie Meyers and the bands and musicians on his TRC label has been released.
Carefully transferred from the best possible sources and remastered for your listening pleasure, plus an extensive booklet with many illustrations and photos: a great little piece of Texas music history.

In the 1970s era of country rock, the Texas Re-Cord Company stood out from the crowd. It was a time when country music and blues and redneck rock all collided with west-coast hippie-ness.

But the TRC was based in Bulverde near San Antonio, where Augie Meyers’ Western Head Band added a good dose of Tex-Mex dance hall music and western-swing polka to the mix. Meyers was, and is, a lanky, bearded, laid-back character with a waist-length pigtail and a reputation in San Antone music that’s longer even than that.

Meyers’ Texas Re-Cord label issued some thirty singles and seven albums between 1975 and 1980, and much of the music has not been reissued since. This 26 track CD puts that right. The Texas Re-Cord Co. is ‘finally in lights,’ to quote one of their LP titles.

Of the 26 tracks here, 17 are from rare 45 rpm singles and 9 are from albums. The tracks include:

*12 by Augie Meyers himself, honoring the country traditions of the Texas honky-tonks and the early western-swing bands but with added Mexican and polka influences. Augie’s featured here on vocals and variously on guitar, piano, accordion, and his Vox organ which defined the sound of hits like She’s About A Mover and Mendocino in the ’60s.

*3 from another Texas legend, Doug Sahm, the man who formed the very successful Sir Douglas Quintet with Augie before the Re-Cord Co. days, and then in the 1990s formed the Grammy-award winning Tex-Mex supergroup, the Texas Tornados, with Augie, Freddy Fender, and Flaco Jimenez.

*3 fine vocals by Carol Meyer, who ran the label with Augie from their farm and helped co-ordinate their tour bus trips on the honky tonk highways out of San Antone.

*Other artists in this CD include the magnificently chaotic Mexican rockers El Molino with singer Joe Carrasco, ‘Wild Man’ Ray Liberto (Johnny Cash’s brother-in-law), the Mex-accordion star Domingo Saldivar, western-swing piano legend Al Stricklin, Augie’s longtime friend Publio Casillas, and singer Denny Ezba who first employed Augie in The Goldens.

*Among the company’s successes were Augie’s single High Texas Rider and his album ‘Live at the Longneck,’ a relaxed session in front of a very lively crowd at the San Antonio music venue part-owned by Augie.

*Standout songs here include Deed To Texas, Dynamite Woman, Baby Baby, Mezcal Road, Just Because, Meet Me In Seguin, and Down In Mexico.

*The rarest disc here is the first single made by the legendary Buckboard Boogie Boys – Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Tomorrow Will Do It Again.

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01 Deed To Texas – Augie Meyers and The Western Head Band
02 Deep In The Heart Of Texas – Augie Meyers and The Western Head Band
03 Dynamite Woman – Sir Dougles Quintet
04 Baby Baby (Won’t You Come Back Home) – Augie Meyers and The Western Head Band
05 Country Groove – Doug Sahm
06 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke – Buckboard Boogie Boys
07 I Would Like To See You Again – Augie Meyer and The Texas Head Band
08 Meet Me In Seguin – Carol Meyer and The Western Head Band
09 Mezcal Road – El Molino
10 Why Don’t We Make Love Like We Used To – Augie Meyers and Domingo Saldivar
11 Domingo – Denny Ezba
12 Faded Love – Brother Al Stricklin
13 Hen Pecked Polka – Augie Meyers and The Western Head Band
14 Wedding Bells – Augie Meyer and The Texas Head Band
15 Just Because – Augie Meyers and Domingo Saldivar
16 Tell Me – El Molino
17 You Win Again – Augie Meyers and The Western Head Band
18 Henrietta – Doug Sahm
19 Boogie Woogie Country Girl – ’Wild Man’ Ray Liberto
20 Where I Belong – Carol Meyer and The Western Head Band
21 Down In Mexico – Augie Meyers and The Western Head Band
22 Tequila Sam – Publio Cassilas
23 Tomorrow We’ll Do It Again – Buckboard Boogie Boys
24 Dusty Roads – Carol Meyer and The Western Head Band
25 Sun Shines Down In Texas – Augie Meyers and The Western Head Band
26 High Texas Rider – Augie Meyers and The Western Head Band

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