Paladins - New World (CD)

Paladins - New World (CD)


New World was created and recorded at Thomas Yearsley’s Thunderbird Analog Recording Studio in Oceanside, California.
In addition to the traditional House Rockin’ Blues sound of The Paladins, this new record encompasses sincere geo-social lyrical reflection as well as killer instrumental composition.

The lead, composed by Dave Gonzalez and Jeb Schoonover, contemplates a vision of a world that is changing.
Keep in mind, that throughout their career, The Paladins have had the liberty to cross many international borders and travel almost anywhere.
With their first new Paladins record in 14 years, Dave, Thomas and Brian celebrate 36 rockin’ years!

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  • 1. New World
  • 2. Waterman
  • 3. Things Keep Changin'
  • 4. Mar Solitar
  • 5. If You Were Only Mine
  • 6. Wicked
  • 7. Should Have Been Dreamin'
  • 8. I Know When I'm Not Wanted
  • 9. Magic Touch
  • 10. Without Love
  • 11. No Pain Anymore

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