Pendarvis Tracy - Give Me Lovin’ EP (7 single/EP)

Pendarvis Tracy - Give Me Lovin’ EP (7 single/EP)


Tracy Pendarvis was born in a small town in Florida in 1936. Since he was young he was interested in music, mainly in country and rhythm and blues broadcasted in local radio stations. As others he was shocked by Rock and Roll when it started to excel.
Together with the Blue Notes, Tracy Pendarvis (voice and guitar), Johnny Gibson (lead guitar), Red McCall (bass) and Merril “Punk” Williams (drums) he won a local amateur contest and they were awarded with a small contract in a small local label, Scott, which released their initial works in 1958. Give me lovin’ is one of the rockabillies they recorded for Scott.
After this period and cheered up with the good reception of their work, Tracy Pendarvis with Johnny Gibson and Merril “Punk” Williams headed Memphis and straight to Sun Records where they got a hearing, thanks to Ernie Barton, and Sam Phillips liked them. He recorded and produced their subsequent hits. At that point in time it was already a bit late for rockabilly (1959/1960) and despite of recording fantastic songs they did not catch on the market. Girl in my hometown was left in the can.
After his Sun Records’ adventure Tracy created his own label, Descant Records, working together with Bill Lowery, owner of NRC Records, in Atlanta where he produced other artists and released his own work, incredible recordings such as Philadelphia Filly (1963) and great ballads that did not have any repercussion.
Get it, was part of the unpublished material that Tracy Pendarvis recorded at NRC studios at the beginning of 1961. Musicians came and go in these sessions, people like Jerry Reed (leadguitar), Joe South and Ray Stevens (Piano) where among them.

After a short period in Descant, Tracy, toured around Illinois to return later onto his native Florida to work in a soundstudio. He was forgotten until rockabilly revival happened in Europe and claimed him back on stage. That was in 1992.
He died in 1997 due to illness.

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1. Give Me Lovin'
2. Girl In My Home Town

1. Philadelphia Filly
2. Get It

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