Perkins Carl - The Rockin’ Guitar Man – The Singles 1955-1962 + Bonus Tracks 2CD (CD)

Perkins Carl - The Rockin’ Guitar Man – The Singles 1955-1962 + Bonus Tracks 2CD (CD)


There has been no shortage of compilations of vintage Carl Perkins recordings down the years, but this brand new Jasmine collection offers a definitive selection of his best early recordings that others generally have not. If you’re looking for rockabilly and rockin’ country at its most potent, ’The Rockin’ Guitar Man’ will fully satisfy your requirements.

The records Carl made in the 1950s have never lost their appeal, and sound as fresh and exciting now as they did sixty years ago. It’s no surprise that so many of his vintage songs have been recorded again and again, in tribute to his abilities as a performer and songwriter.

In case his Honour Roll of Hits has somehow passed you by, ’Blue Suede Shoes’, ’Matchbox’, ’Honey Don’t’. ’Gone, Gone, Gone’ and ’Put Your Cat Clothes On’ are just a few classic Perkins sides that made him such an important catalyst for rock ’n’ roll. All of those and more can be heard in this compilation.

’The Rockin’ Guitar Man’ tells the Carl Perkins story on record from his first recordings in Memphis in 1954 through to his sessions in Nashville in 1962. Important and influential beyond mere words, they embrace every aspect of his immense all-round talent and show why he was so admired by his peers his fans (including the Beatles, who recorded and performed Perkins copyrights frequently in their early years).

Beautifully remastered from the best available sources, and featuring both sides of all of the man’s singles as issued between 1954 and the end of 1962 – plus a generous selection of album tracks that further confirm Carl’s standing as one of the brightest stars in the Rock ’n’ Roll firmament and make this an essential purchase for all.

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