Pine Box Boys - Child of Calmity (CD)

Pine Box Boys - Child of Calmity (CD)


It’s murderin’ time again, with The Pine Box Boys! With their third album, Child of Calamity, the Boys will shatter your skull with 14 new tunes like ”Pardon Me, Ginger”, ”Don’t Ask Me to Stop” and ”The Gravedigger”. with their Arkansas roots, their bloody punk-grass vide and their incredible live shows, The Pine Box Boys are doubtlessly the premier country band on the West Coast. Check out the band live in 2008 as they pass through your town on tour in support of Child of Calamity.

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1     The Child Of Calamity     3:44
2     Pardon Me Ginger     4:01
3     Pukin' Blood, Spittin' Teeth, Bein' High     4:21
4     An Unkindness     2:28
5     Hair Of Gold     2:48
6     O, Mercy, O, Meredith     5:02
7     The Undertaker's Prayer     4:38
8     Don't Ask Me To Stop     5:53
9     The Maiden's Eye     3:42
10     Dark Of The Holler     4:27
11     The Gravedigger     5:55
12     A Ship Lost At Sea     2:36
13     To The Blue     4:15
14     The Pallbearers     4:28

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