Rockabilly Boys - Poor Man’s Jamboree (10``LP)

Rockabilly Boys - Poor Man’s Jamboree (10``LP)


Albeit being more than the sum of their parts with the Rockabilly Boys less is more. Elvis didn’t need drums and the same goes with the Rockabilly Boys. The undisputably top notch trio of Miku Majuri (rhythm guitar), Timo Kalijärvi (lead guitar) and Iikku Riepponen (doghouse bass) have leaned on the basic elements of early rockabilly – Country and Western with a touch of Rhythm and Blues – with peacock’s modesty and a strong catalogue of self penned material. Well known from a plethora of other bands the band are a tight weld and although pedant their live shows are a-burst with joy and relaxed. They’ve been together for 17 years. Arguably it’s an accident their debut album took this long but it’s a wait well worth. Kali’s extremely and genuinely authentic guitar work and Iikku’s rough but still perfect slap-technique have given Miku a fantastsome opportunity to write songs a little outside of the traditional Rockabilly frame. Almost fanatic attitude for the 50’s feeling makes it all the more interesting.

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Vuosi 2022

1. Doggin’ Down the Road
2. Baby Got No Baby
3. I Will Pay
4. Hey Little Heartbreaker
5. Ting-A-Lee

1. Poor Man’s Jamboree
2. Wish I May
3. Just a Little Mad
4. When You Got the Blues
5. Somewhere Down the Line