Presley Elvis - Come What May (Käytetty CD)

Presley Elvis - Come What May (Käytetty CD)


”featuring outtakes from the mid-sixties, beginning with two outtakes of ”Come what may” what’s pretty nice though, and follows with the 1st two takes of ”Stay away, Joe” which some nice chatter between a bad song. Follows the awful songs from Paradise Hawaiian style, it seems that 2001 has drained his vaults ;-). And can this be worse???…… Yes it can… then follows the more worser outtakes of Harum Scarum, can you believe this!!!!!!, these are the rejected takes from Harum Scarum, the better ones are on the official album. The only exception is ”Animal Instinct”, because it has a nice bass line, and this is for me the best song from that album, and that gives you think huh???. This is only for the collectors, because RCA would never release this s***, they have a name to keep up. This is by far the worst release from Label 2001, and it’s in mono too.

Sound rate ****”

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