Presley Elvis - From Memphis to Taipeh Vol 1 (Kirjat)

Presley Elvis - From Memphis to Taipeh Vol 1 (Kirjat)


From Memphis to Taipeh

A Reference Guide to the Colorful Magic of Elvis’ Asian Vinyl


It was in the late 1950s that the first Asian records containing Elvis‘ music were released. Since then, hundreds of records have followed,

many with gorgeous covers in different variations and featuring beautiful colored vinyl. Still, in all the years since, no collector’s guide on

Elvis’ Asian vinyl has ever been published. There’s never even been a modest, informative booklet about these albums.


Until now! 


This new book is the very first reference guide to Elvis‘ Asian vinyl releases.

We decided to limit this volume to 10” and 12” records originating from six major Asian countries: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea,

Taiwan and Thailand.  Inside, you’ll learn where, why and for whom these records were made.

You‘ll discover what hunting for vinyl in these countries meant, and how surviving records were found. 

The cover art and label designs are presented to the collector in sizes large enough to read right off the page. 

And that’s exactly what you should do!  You’ll be sure to chuckle at inadvertent miscues that often appear on the album covers and labels, they are hilarious.


This hardcover book comes into the ring with 500+ pages, measuring 28x28cm and weighing more than 3 kilos.

Inside the book you’ll find 500+ different records and 2500+ pictures.

Limited edition of 500 copies.


Be amazed by the colorful magic of Elvis‘ Asian vinyl releases.

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Upea kirja. Yli 500 sivua tietoa Asiassa julkaistuista elvis levyistä.

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