Colin Grogan With Steve Dawson - Pye Corner Rock (CD)

Colin Grogan With Steve Dawson - Pye Corner Rock (CD)


Hi Everyone
I’m Colin Grogan and first of all thanks for finding my little website.

I started playing the drums many years ago, in a rockabilly band called Breathless with my brother Pat Grogan and some friends. We played for many years in the UK and all over Europe.

It wasn’t until the recent passing of my brother Cavan that I decided to start song writing again. I wanted to write songs that would make him smile.
I got together with a friend of mine here in Perth, Steve Dawson (from the band The Crawdads) and the result is this album.
I wrote the songs in the British rockabilly style, no point in writing songs about Hot Rods, when you grew up in Newport , Wales .
The only Hot Rods you get there is when someone breaks into a fishing tackle shop!

The songs are about childhood memories, everyday life, growing up, working and love.

I’ve done my best and enjoyed making this and hopefully it’s made some one happy and made you smile Cav !

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Tuottaja Kathy Records
Vuosi 2022

1. Wife ”A song all about life catching up with you, and looking back at your young wild days”
2. The Triton Song ”About a Greasy Biker called Graham Jones who used to ride around the council estate I grew up on”
3. Canabella Tree ”Is an old oak tree opposite my parent’s house that we used to play on as kids”
4. I must be mad ”All about getting up and going to work every day”
5. Sleeping in the spare room. ”Well we have all done that!”
6. Pye Corner Rock ”Pye Corner was the caravan site where I was born and my family lived for many happy years”
7. I cheated on my baby ”Just about a dream I had…Phew I got away with that … I think! ”
8. Ridiculous ”A song about some of the things that piss me off.”
9. The sun don’t shine ”Well I had to write one miserable song to keep all the miserable people happy.”
10 . Little Love Island. ”Just about getting away from it all with your baby. ”