Restless - Unplugged-Got Some Guts (Käytetty CD)

Restless - Unplugged-Got Some Guts (Käytetty CD)



Mark Harman – Vocals and acoustic gut string guitar

Paul Harman – Acoustic contra bass and backing vocals

Rob Tyler – Drums and percussion


Additional musicians:

Pete Gage – Rhythm guitar on Rock therapy and Leavin’ this town (with Mark Harman playing direct injection solid body electric guitar)

Paul Madden – Cardboard box on Money honey and tambourine on Mona Lisa

Bongo player on Mona Lisa unknown


These recordings were made on the 10th and 11th October, 1997 at studio #1, Intimate Studios, London.

All performances are continuous unedited or overdubbed renditions chosen from ’takes’ in the recording industry modus operandi of pre-1967.

      Wherever possible classic vintage microphones were used with the musicians playing ’in the round’ situated in the ’live’ studio area within eye contact with only essential acoustic baffles and screening for separation. NO AMPLIFICATION was used on any instrument in making this album. NO EQUALISATION, DSP or FX were used in the recording or mixing unless essential for the technical accuracy and listening pleasure of similar to recordings made in the U.S.A. circa 1956. The microphones were carefully positioned to induce natural ambience as well as the maximum clarity and tonal quality of the individual instruments.

      The analogue tape recordings were captured onto 16 track Ampex for warmth and smoothness through a Harrison (Nashville, USA) Series 12 recording console – known for its clean, simple, uncluttered signal path to maintain as ’uncoloured’ a sonic accuracy as possible. Any compressor/limiters required were of valve architecture copied from circuits designed in the early 1950s.

      The result, as you will hear, is the pure, natural, uncontrived talent of RESTLESS captured uncompromisingly avoiding technical gadgetry and gimmickry – truly this is RESTLESS UNPLUGGED.



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  • 1. Ice cold
  • 2. Rock therapy
  • 3. Long winding river
  • 4. Poor man's prison
  • 5. Cryin' over you (slow)
  • 6. Cryin' over you
  • 7. Take 5
  • 8. Too much monkey business 9.Leavin' this town
  • 10. Money honey
  • 11. I am what I am
  • 12. Your cheating heart 13.Heartaches by the number
  • 14. I met her today
  • 15. Proud Mary
  • 16. Mess of blues
  • 17. Mona Lisa

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