Robbins Marty - Rocks! (CD)

Robbins Marty - Rocks! (CD)


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Contains 29 rockabilly, teen pop and rockin’ country tracks all from the original masters! Includes the only known recording by Robbins of his self-penned rockabilly classic, ’Sugaree’! Features the entire contents of Robbins’ first LP, the ultra-rare 1956 release, ’Rock ’n’ Roll’n Robbins’!

32-page booklet with many rare photos and the full story of Robbins’ rock’n’roll recordings, along with a detailed discography!Of all the established country artists to flirt with rockabilly and rock ’n’ roll during the 1950s, Marty Robbins was probably the one who hated that music the most – but made the most authentic records! On tour in Florida with Elvis Presley in 1955, Marty Robbins saw the future and it rocked! He covered Elvis’s hit ’That’s All Right’ and recorded a slew of rockabilly classics like ’Tennessee Toddy’ and ’Respectfully Miss Brooks’, along with hillbilly cat covers of rock ’n’ roll songs like ’Maybelline’ and ’Long Tall Sally’. Even after leaving rockabilly behind and returning to country, he pursued a parallel career in teen pop with records like ’Teen-Age Dream’, ’Grown-Up Tears’ and ’Stairway Of Love’.

This compilation gathers all of Robbins’ rockabilly records along with the cream of his teen pop and rock’ n’ roll recordings from the 1950s and ’60s. In all, 29 fabulous tracks all taken from the original masters plus a bonus track of the only known recording of Marty Robbins performing the rockabilly classic, ’Sugaree’ – a song he’d written and placed with the Jordanaires, Hank Ballard, Rusty York and many others. It’s a fascinating and rockin’ look at a country music superstar who might have been a rock’n’roll pioneer if things had turned out differently!

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  • 1. Jeannie & Johnny
  • 2. Grown-Up Tears
  • 3. Ruby Ann (chart version)
  • 4. It's Driving Me Crazy
  • 5. Maybelline
  • 6. Baby's Gone
  • 7. Ain't Life A Cryin' Shame
  • 8. You've Been So Busy Baby
  • 9. Sometimes I'm Tempted
  • 10. Teenager's Dad
  • 11. Long Tall Sally
  • 12. Respectfully Miss Brooks
  • 13. Long Gone Lonesome Blues
  • 14. Pain And Misery
  • 15. That's All Right
  • 16. Tennessee Toddy
  • 17. I'll Know You're Gone
  • 18. Knee Deep In The Blues
  • 19. You Don't Owe Me Thing
  • 20. Mean Mama Blues
  • 21. Mister Teardrop
  • 22. Pretty Mama
  • 23. I Can't Quit
  • 24. Baby , I Need You
  • 25. Footprints In The Snow
  • 26. Just Married
  • 27. Teen-Age Dream
  • 28. Stairway Of Love
  • 29. She Was Only Seventeen (And He Was One Year M
  • 30. Sugaree (live)

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