Robbins Marty - Today / Don`t Let Me Touch You (CD)

Robbins Marty - Today / Don`t Let Me Touch You (CD)


arty Robbins was the master of many musical realms: country and western songs, rockabilly and pop standards, Caribbean and Hawaiian music.  Then also, of course, there are the Gunfighter ballads a genre that he virtually made his own. It was such music, along with those unforgettable stage performances, that earned him a well-deserved place in Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame, just a couple of months before his untimely death in December 1982.

The two albums featured in this collection ’Today’ (1971) and ’Don’t Let Me Touch You’ (1977) mainly spotlight Marty Robbins as a singer of ballads, material that perfectly shows off his effortless, distinctive vocal skills. ’Today’ with its cover portrait paying tribute to the singer’s passion as a NASCAR racing car driver, created three Top 10 chart singles, ’Early Morning Sunshine’ and the double sided ’Seventeen Years/The Chair’ the latter giving Robbins the chance for a powerfully dramatic performance in the tale of a prisoner’s final hours. ’Don’t Let Me Touch You’ contains two Top 10 singles, the title track (co-penned with Billy Sherrill) and ’Return To Me’ a Spanish-flavoured cover of the 1958 Dean Martin hit.

’On both albums there are several fine Marty Robbins original songs proving that, in his third decade as a headlining star, he remained a leader of the country music pack.

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