Rockin' Bonnie Western Bound Combo - Loud And Proud! EP (7 single/EP)

Rockin' Bonnie Western Bound Combo - Loud And Proud! EP (7 single/EP)


Attention! Fans of honky tonk country, Western Swing and just plain hot hillbilly jive! Look no further for the kind of music that moves you than Rockin’ Bonnie & Western Bound Combo’s maiden vinyl voyage – right here!

From tracks 1 to 4, it shows a true love and understanding of an American music form that’s often overlooked even in its native country. Rockin’ Bonnie & Max handle the singin’ chores as if the ghosts of Tommy Collins & Carolina Cotton were right there in the studio and Mat, Serge, Manuel, Bobby, Max and Jerry back the whole thing up like a modern version of Pee Wee King’s Golden West Cowboys! They’re writing their own tunes (Once More, Loud & Proud) and covering real, hard-country greats like Tibby Edwards and Red Sovine with such flair that you’d never know this record – and the band – comes from a *little bit* east of Texas (that’s a joke, son)!
Perfect for your next BBQ, Bop or Barn-raisin’ — drop the needle and see for yourself. Your ears will thank you!
”Dave Stuckey”

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Side A
1. Loud And Proud
2. There Ain't No Better Time

Side B
1. Once More
2. Don't Worry

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