Various - Rockin Rollin USA Volume 1 (CD)

Various - Rockin Rollin USA Volume 1 (CD)


The twenty-eight songs on the Pan American Recordings, Rockin’ Rollin’ USA 01 adventure are an insight into home-produced and buy-in records that were available in Canada. Throughout Mark and Henrique’s epic expedition you will hear a plethora of rockin’ music, and the motor is running as the excursion is underway with music from the years 1955 through to 1963 to bring pleasure to your ears. The regional labels in Shhhhhhh Blast Off include; Aragon, Apex Français, Barry, Quality, and Rodeo.

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01 The Asteroids Shhhhhhh Blast Off (Reid) Rodeo, Canada 1958
02 Jack Bailey Oh What Love Is (Bailey, English) Chateau, Canada 1961
03 Ted Daigle Tennessee (Perkins) London, Canada 1963
04 Charlie Gracie (You Got) A Heart Like A Rock (Sheldon, Land) London, Canada 1957
05 Joyce Hahn I Gotta Know (Blackman) Cadence 1956
06 Buddy Burke That Big Old Moon (Roberts, Fredericks) Regency, Canada 1957
07 The Prowlers Rock Me, Baby (Vogt, Ries) Aragon, Canada 1958
08 Les Megatones Megatwist (Champoux) Apex Français, Canada 1962
09 The Del-Tones Moonlight Party (no credit) Quality, Canada 1959
10 Hank Snow Loose Talk (Hart) RCA Victor 1957
11 Myrna Lorrie Listen To My Heart Strings (Grashey, Coran) Abbott 1955
12 Ken Davidson Teenage Walk (Davidson) Baniff, Canada 1963
13 The Stripes Hot Rod (Fiander) Aragon, Canada 1958
14 Terry Roberts Janie (Roberts) Quality, Canada 1958
15 Reg Smith Rock & Roll Lullaby (Smith) RCA Victor, Canada 1956
16 Bernie Early Rock Doll (Brazeau, Early) MGM 1958
17 Tex Pedersen Rockelene (Keraiff) Aragon, Canada 1958
18 The Del-Tones Rockin Blues (no credit) Quality, Canada 1959
19 Stan Cayer 3 Wild Women (Cayer) S.G.M., Canada 1963
20 Billy Guitar Here Comes The Night (Noble) Apex, Canada 1957
21 Jack Scott Two Timin’ Woman (Scott) Carlton, Canada 1960
22 Cliffy and Jerry Looking For My Baby (Short, Banks) Quality, Canada 1959
23 Jack Bailey Tiger Lil (Bailey) Ford 1962
24 The Frogmen Underwater (Andrews) London, Canada 1961
25 Léo Benoit Le Rock ’N Roll C’est Bon (Benoit) Rusticana, Canada 1959
26 R. Dean Taylor It’s A Long Way To St. Louis (Taylor) Barry, Canada 1962
27 Larry Lee Just a Little Too Much (Burnett) Canatal, Canada 1963
28 Joey Hollingsworth Yow! Are You Hungry, Baby? (Hollingsworth) Sparton, Canada 1959

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