Various - Rockin Rollin USA Volume 3 (CD)

Various - Rockin Rollin USA Volume 3 (CD)


The Pan American Recordings label endeavors to use some lesser-known and for some people, perhaps more obscure titles, and our philosophy is to compile songs of quality, with every album, its “killer and no filler” ideology! You are listening to music from the past with a remastered sound that will shake the speakers. Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

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Vuosi 2023

01 Jim Morrison – Ready To Rock (Fiander) Arctic, Canada 1960
02 Barry Boyd with The Frantics – You’re For Me (Miller) Barry, Canada 1962
03 Ted Daigle – Sweet Little Sixteen (Berry) Baniff, Canada 1961
04 The Willows – Church Bells May Ring (Willows, Craft) Regency, Canada 1956
05 The Showmen – Country Fool (Biggs) London, Canada 1961
06 Dick Damron – Gonna Have A Party (Dameron) Laurel, Canada 1959
07 Les Mégatones – Ruby Baby (Salvet, Carrere, Stoller, Leiber) Apex Français, Canada 1963
08 Bob Davis – With You Tonight Orchestra (Davis) Rustica LP, Canada 1963
09 Hot-Toddys featuring Big John – Shakin’ And Stompin’ (Little) Barrel, Canada 1959
10 The Midnighters – Siam (Johnson) Barry, Canada 1961
11 The -Rock -A-Tunes – Your Some Kind of Nice (McGillis) Rock-A-Tune Records, Canada 1959
12 The Hachey Brothers and Mary vocal Curley Hachey – Lou Button Your Lip (Bennet) Alvina, Canada 1954
13 Luke Simmons and His Blue Mountain Boys – Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Monroe) Columbia, New Zealand 1957
14 Del Erickson with Bobby Hammack and His Orchestra – Rockin’ Band (Devanney) Arctic, Canada 1961
15 Ken Davidson – Scotch Boogie (Davison) Baniff LP, Canada 1963
16 George Hamilton IV – If You Don’t Know (Hamilton IV) Sparton, Canada 1956
17 Stoltz Brothers – Rock And Roll Riot (Stolz) Rodeo, Canada 1958
18 Les Vogt – Moon Rocketin’ (Kloop) Sparton, Canada 1960
19 Leo Benoit -? Rock ‘n Roll Dans Mon Lit (Benoit) Rusticana, Canada 1958
20 The Rock-A-Tunes vocal Hank Smith – Rock `n` Roll Hep Cat (Smith) Rock-A-Tune Records, Canada 1959
21 Tommy Danton and The Echos – Twenty One (Manning, J&N Petroff) Barrel, Canada 1959
22 Bernie Early – Your Kisses Kill Me (Brazeau) MGM 1958
23 Janis Martin – Ooby Dooby (Moore, Penner) RCA Victor, Canad
24 Johnny Stark with The Four Winds and Johnny Oliver On Guitar – Rockin’ Billy (Reeth, Hafner) Quality, Canada 1958
25 Dante and The Evergreens – Yeah Baby (Peace) Barry, Canada 196
26 Bob Davies with Hugh Dixon and The Dollars – Thinking Of You (Davis) Rusticana, Canada 1963
27 The Asteroids – Don’t Dig This Algebra (Reid, Everett) Rodeo, Canada 1958
28 Larry Lee and The Leesures – Odd Man Out (Poulist) Canatal LP, Canada 1962

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