Various - Rockin Spot Volume 5 – Audrey (CD)

Various - Rockin Spot Volume 5 – Audrey (CD)


Audrey is the fifth volume in the series and the name-dropping titles include; Buddy Covelle, Lorraine, Wild Child Gipson, Uncle John, Billy Lehman and The Penn-Men, Audrey, The Valiants, Frieda, Frieda, Ross Minmi, Oh Janet, Chip Fisher, Oh Ye Louise, Sonny Fisher, Sneaky Pete and many more. Between the thematic titles you hear about rockers searching for love; Varetta Dillard, Promise Mr. Thomas, Ben Hughes, Crazy Man, and The Phaetons only want a Fling. Shorty Billups has found a Boss Chick. Who is the cool kid posing in the corner? It’s no less than The Boy With The Be Bop Glasses, The Dawn Breakers, Fox Hall wants to dance and Do The Rock And Roll, and Bill Carey is the guy in charge of the Record Hop. Collay and The Satellites sing about the cutie from the street, Little Girl Next Door, and Ruth Christie is certain that things will work out and brings the fun to an end with her smooth love song This Must Be Love

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01 Buddy Covelle Lorraine (Covelle, Josie) Coral 1960
02 Wild Child Gipson Uncle John (Gipson) Hit 1958
03 Fox Hall Do The Rock And Roll (Hall) Limelight 1958
04 Varetta Dillard Promise Mr. Thomas (McCoy, Singleton, Mendelsohn) Savoy 1955
05 The Mon-Vales Cool Cat and His White Bucks (Mon-Vales) Pen Joy 1952
06 Billy Lehman Audrey (DiMaria) Arp 1959
07 Ben Hughes Crazy Man (Spencer) True 1957
08 Collay Little Girl Next Door (Callais) Sho-Biz 1959
09 The Valiants Frieda, Frieda (Jones) Keen 1958
10 Preston Love (vocal) Beverly Wright Kissin’ Boogie (Leiber, Stoller) Spin 1952
11 Conway Twitty Hey Little Lucy (Don’t Cha Put No Lipstick On) (Schroeder, Weiss, Silbert)MGM 1959
12 Ross Minmi Oh Janet (Fiorino, Minmi) Gulfstream 1959
13 Jack Scott Geraldine (Scott) Carlton 1958
14 Bill Carey Record Hop (Carey, Schuster) Coral 1956
15 Willie Mitchell (vocal) Billy Taylor Lizzie Lou (Mitchell) Skipper 1959
16 Chip Fisher Oh Ye Louise (Cooley) RCA EP 1958
17 The Dawn Breakers Boy With The Be Bop Glasses (Franklin, Baker, Warne, Blanchard) Coral 1956
18 Johnny Jano Mabel’s Gone (Shuler, Jano) Goldband/ Hollywood 1958
19 Mac Curtis Little Miss Linda (Curtis, Shell, Bass) King 1958
20 The Phaetons Fling (Phaetons) Hi-Q 1959
21 Sammy Fitzhugh Sadie Mae (Fitzhugh, Bishop) Poplar 1959
22 Arthur Osborne Hey Ruby (Boone, Osborne) Brunswick 1958
23 Sonny Fisher Sneaky Pete (Fisher) Starday 1955
24 Eddie Bond Boppin’ Bonnie (Chastain, Jerry Huffman) Mercury 1956
25 Shorty Billups Boss Chick (Bibbins) Fine 1960
26 Colonaires Sandy (Francis, Damen) Ember 1957
27 Mark Robinson Pretty Jane (Hazlewood) Jamie 1958
28 Ruth Christie This Must Be Love (DePores, Stratchborneo, Fulmer) Tide 1961

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