Hawkins Ronnie - Rocks! (CD)

Hawkins Ronnie - Rocks! (CD)


The very best of Ronnie’s rock ’n’ roll recordings for Quality and Roulette. The all-time wildest rock ’n’roll from the golden era! Includes a previously unissued rockabilly gem from 1958. Contains the very first recordings by The Band. Many rare photos and an updated session discography._ Ronnie Hawkins came roaring out of Arkansas in the late Fifties and has earned his reputation as ’The last of the originalrock ’n’ rollers’. Unusually, it was not until he relocated to Canada that he found takers for his dynamic stage act andking sized personality. In 1958, he commenced a recording career which has lasted for 50 years. His very first rockabillyrecordings for Quality Records of Toronto are contained here, along with the cream of his ten year association withRoulette, including the hits Mary Lou and Forty Days. Hawkins has always surrounded himself with the very bestmusicians and the accompanying booklet explains how his group, The Hawks, gradually evolved into the five man lineupwhich included Robbie Robertson and Levon Helm, later to tour with Bob Dylan and become internationally famousas The Band. Ronnie’s surreal recording of Bo Diddley’s Who Do You Love is one of rock ’n’ roll’s great moments and amagnificent showcase for the guitar playing of Robbie Robertson. It’s here along with 31 other classics that are trulyrock ’n’ roll and rockabilly at their absolute finest and most crazed! Beyond essential!

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  • 1. Thirty Days
  • 2. Hey Bo Diddley
  • 3. Ruby Baby
  • 4. Forty Days
  • 5. Horace
  • 6. One Of These Days
  • 7. Wild Little Willy
  • 8. Whatcha Gonna Do (When The Creek Runs Dry)
  • 9. Mary Lou
  • 10. Oh Sugar
  • 11. Odessa
  • 12. My Gal Is Red Hot
  • 13. Need Your Lovin' (Oh So Bad)
  • 14. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
  • 15. Hay Ride
  • 16. Baby Jean
  • 17. Southern Love
  • 18. Hey Boba Lou
  • 19. Clara
  • 20. Honey Don't
  • 21. Sick & Tired
  • 22. You Know I Love You
  • 23. Sexy Ways
  • 24. Come Love
  • 25. I Feel Good
  • 26. Suzie Q
  • 27. Matchbox
  • 28. High Blood Pressure
  • 29. Mojo Man
  • 30. Bo Diddley
  • 31. Who Do You Love
  • 32. Horace

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