Stray Cats - Runaway Boys – The Stray Cats Story (English) by Mark Noir (Kirjat)

Stray Cats - Runaway Boys – The Stray Cats Story (English) by Mark Noir (Kirjat)



World’s first published biography of The Stray Cats Story. English version.

What makes this book special?
– It is the first and only biography published, to date, of the band.
– Based on a deep research work on more than 200 references of sources.
– Extensive photographic material, some of them unpublished.
– Commented Discography.
– Full Tour List .

Brian Robert Setzer, James Robert McDonnell and Leon Drucker were three neighbors of Massapequa, a small town in the county of Nassau, located in the state of New York, who shared a disproportionate fondness for music playing and for the pioneer artists of the r & r. They started an incredible adventure that will forever change their lives and that of many fans.
In June of 1980, after gaining a reputation in the local scene, they flied to London, attracted by the explosion of the rockabilly genre , with the intention of spending the summer and trying some luck. Surprisingly, a few weeks later they appeared on the cover of the influential New Musical Express magazine and some members of the most famous bands (The Clash, The Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, The Kinks) come to see them and were shocked by their music, their aesthetics and its explosives live concerts.
After conquering the European and Japanese market, they knocked out another heavyweight of the record industry, the American, getting placed on the sales charts behind the unbeatable Thriller by Michael Jackson, something unthinkable for a trio that plays rockabilly .
After almost forty years of the creation of the band their first biography is written. This is the fascinating story of Stray Cats, their first steps, their influences, their records, their mythical performances, their symbols, their instruments, their technique, their conflicts and relationships, It´s the story of an unexpected split and about an era where punk embers are still hot, where subculture youth rules in London´s streets, where the crazy Japanese fans assert their reputation and where Hell’s Angels escort them at their triumphal entry into Paris. This is the story of a track that still remains indelible … THE TRACK OF THE CAT.

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