Sandy And The Wild Wombats - Devoted To Rock`n`Roll (CD)

Sandy And The Wild Wombats - Devoted To Rock`n`Roll (CD)


The band’s second album is somewhat different and comes with 12 original songs written by their guitarist, Mark Twang.

Sandy & The Wild Wombats are in fact a live band with a frenzied live show – and this, along with a thrill of ecstasy, is exactly what the band captured on record.
The sound of the Wild is truly based on 1950s Rockabilly.

The new album is full of Rockabilly rhythms mixed with more or less modern Rock’n’Roll rattles, some
Blues orientated songs, some Country-influenced tracks, plus a ballad. And on top of it all is the wonderful voice of Sandy.
Her singing has a strong resemblence with the vocal style of the late great Wanda Jackson. However, she’s singing in a way completely her own. Sandy has left her personal mark on every song.

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1. Wild Night
2. I Gotta Move
3. Lady
4. Hey-Hey-Hey
5. Cure Your Il
6. Shivers
7. Keep Doing
8. Devoted
9. Miss Your Face
10. Play It Cool
11. Ridin'
12. Rockabilly Man
 (plus hidden track: Honky Tonk Heartache)

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