Tabaltix - Sex, Pugs And Rock’n’Roll (CD)

Tabaltix - Sex, Pugs And Rock’n’Roll (CD)


FINEST OLD-SCHOOL PSYCHOBILLY OUTTA CALIFORNIA!!! Born out of the need to have something new worth listening to, The Tabaltix exist to do just that. Hailing from northern California, they have won over a dedicated fan-base with their infectious rhythms and impeccable style! Part of a new generation of psychobilly, The Tabaltix bring the roots of psychobilly together with a space-aged slap in the face! The Tabaltix present their first album Sex, Pugs, and Rock ’N’ Roll” for all the world to enjoy.

Blending many influences, while never forgetting their roots, these boys have produced an album which will appeal to young and old alike. Jolting, rhythmic bass, throbbing drums, and a guitar so clean that you could eat off of it, they take an old-school Psychobilly sound and make it something completely their own. The Tabaltix are definitely classic Psychobilly for the modern age!”

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  • 1. Sex Pugs And Rock'n Roll
  • 2. Hot To The Touch
  • 3. For Me
  • 4. Dead Man Walking
  • 5. Robosapien
  • 6. Jerkin Back And 4th
  • 7. Tonight
  • 8. Rob The Bank
  • 9. Let`s Dance
  • 10. Back In Time
  • 11. Jungle Fever
  • 12. So Long Baby
  • 13. No Time To Dance
  • 14. Tabaltix Rock 'n Roll