Holloway Echoes - Shivering Sands (10``LP)

Holloway Echoes - Shivering Sands (10``LP)


The Holloway Echoes are back, this time on pink 10′ vinyl!

This time they give us songs about Screaming Lord Sutch, Pirate Radio stations, Tattooists and the drummer of Chas n Dave plus much more!

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Dimensions 26 × 26 × 0,5 cm
Tuotekoodi WSRC MLP23
Tuottaja Western Star Recording Company
Vuosi 2020

Side A

1. Shivering Sands
2. Like It Or Lump It (The Teddy Boy Marches On)
3. Who’d Have Thought
4. Calling Buddy

Side B

1. Mick The Stick
2. Johnny Watts
3. Sweet
4. There’s A Buzz on Banjo Island

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