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Even casual music fans recognize the seismic impact rhythm and blues made on country music during the mid-1950s as a new generation of performers embraced rockabilly. Yet a reverse effect could also be evident, dating all the way back to the postwar era.

After all, a great song was a great song, whether Wynonie Harris was belting Louis Innis‘ Good Morning Judge and Hank Penny’s Bloodshot Eyes or The Griffin Brothers, Fat Man Robinson, and Sonny Knight were individually latching on to one Hank Williams classic or another to give them a snazzy R&B spin.

That’s the premise behind Bear Family’s 29-song ‘Shotgun Boogie – Rhythm & Blues Goes Country Vol. 1,‘ as both B.B. King and The Platters give Tennessee Ernie Ford’s immortal smash Sixteen Tons contrasting readings that songwriter Merle Travis could never have envisioned, while the lusty Bull Moose Jackson unfurls his deep-toned pipes on three country classics from his deep catalog at King Records.

Who would have ever expected Scatman Crothers, Smiley Lewis, and Joe Liggins to traffic in hillbilly covers, much less Lonnie ‘Guitar Jr.‘ Brooks or boogie pianist Cecil Gant?

But they’re all here, eloquently illustrating the inexorable connection between R&B and C&W – albeit in the reverse direction from what the history books preach!

Various - Shotgun Boogie – Rhythm & Blues Goes Country Vol.1 (CD)


1-CD (Digipak) with 36 page booklet, 29 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.
There has always been a lively exchange between musicians in the USA – regardless of skin color.
With ’Shotgun Boogie’, Bear Family Records® documents in text and sound how R&B musicians successfully covered songs from the country music songbook.

Smiley Lewis sings Link Davis’ Big Mamou, Joe Liggins Johnnie Lee Wills’ Rag Mop, Sonny Knight sings Hank Williams’ country tearjerker Lovesick Blues, the Crows cover Bill Carlisle’s No Help Wanted, Guitar Jr. brilliantly interprets Harlan Howard’s Pick Me Up On Your Way Down and Cecil Gant grooves through Tennessee Ernie Ford’s Shotgun Boogie.
29 carefully remastered recordings from the best sources.

Liner notes by the renowned music expert Bill Dahl with biographical and discographical details.

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Tuotekoodi BCD17701
Tuottaja Bear Family Records
Vuosi 2024

01 Good Morning Judge – Wynonie Harris
02 Shot Gun Boogie – Cootie Williams (vocal: Eddie Mack)
03 Why Don’t You Haul Off And Love Me – Bull Moose Jackson
04 No help Wanted – The Crows
05 Don’t Fence Me In – Tommy Edwards
06 It’d Surprise You – The Griffin Brothers feat. Margie Day
07 Ghost Riders In The Sky – Scatman Crothers
08 Big Mamou – Smiley Lewis
09 Lovesick Blues – Sonny Knight
10 Chew Tobacco Rag – Lucky Millinder and His orchestra
11 Sixteen Tons – The Platters
12 It makes No Difference Now – Piano Red
13 Cherokee Boogie (Eh-Oh-Aleena) – Joey Thomas
14 Crying In The Chapel – The Orioles
15 Bloodshot Eyes – Wynonie Harris
16 Rag Mop – Joe Liggins and his Honeydrippers
17 If You Ain’t Lovin’ (You Ain’t Livin’) – Bull Moose Jackson
18 You Can’t Stay Here (Step It Up And Go) – Pear Reeves and The Concords
19 Divorce Me C.O.D. – Cootie Williams (vocal: Eddie Mack)
20 Steel Guitar Rag – Earl Hooker
21 My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It – Fat Man Robinson Quintet
22 Indian Love Call – Hal Singer and his Orchestra
23 Pick Me Up On Your Way Down – Guitar Jr.
24 Pistol Packin’ Mam – The Hurricanes
25 Move It On Over – The Griffin Brothers
26 No Help Wanted – Bob Gaddy and his Alley Cats
27 16 Tons – B.B. King
28 Cherokee Boogie (Eh-Oh-Aleena) – Moose Jackson
29 Shot Gun Boogie – Cecil Gant


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