Sabrejets - Sin-Sational (CD)

Sabrejets - Sin-Sational (CD)


Being based in Belfast, The Sabrejets have been away from the restrictions to having to please any kind of cliquey purest Rock ’n’ Roll crowd, which has allowed them to do their own thing. The individual members vast array of influences shine through, strangely enough resulting in one of the purest Rock ’n’ Roll bands on the planet.

Somehow they manage to please the 50s Purist, 80s Revivalists, and Teddyboy rockers in one fell swoop. You’ll also find Psychobillies, Punks and Bikers following the band.

The Sabrejets have succeeded in capturing a Greasy Rock ’n’ Roll sound purer than a purest band could get anywhere near – the result of rejecting genre boundaries and playing in their natural style.

Only their second full-length album in a history which reaches back three decades, The Sabrejets present the superb Sin-Sational, boasting more original material and ideas than their Rockabilly contemporaries, yet sounding hauntingly familiar.

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  • 1. Lone Wolf Blues
  • 2. Cindy Ray
  • 3. Sworn To Fun Loyal To None
  • 4. Long Black Stockings
  • 5. Ultra Twist
  • 6. Take It Easy Greasy
  • 7. If This Is Livin'
  • 8. Stewed Screwed and Tattooed
  • 9. Seven Deadly Sins
  • 10. I Dig Dames
  • 11. Let's Bop
  • 12. Redneck Blues
  • 13. Hot Rod Hullabulloo
  • 14. Let's Fool Around
  • 15. Blitzkreig Bop
  • 16. Devil Drives A Cadillac
  • 17. 39th and Norton

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