Ford Tennessee Ernie - Songs Of The Civil War (CD)

Ford Tennessee Ernie - Songs Of The Civil War (CD)


Kaksi legendaarista albumia nyt samalla cd:llä! American Civil War enthusiasts have long treasured Tennessee Ernie Ford’s ’Civil War Songs Of The South’ and ’Civil

War Songs Of The North.’ Released by Capitol Records in 1961 at the start of the Civil War Centennial, these albums

gathered long-forgotten patriotic numbers, dramatic saga songs, rousing camp sing-alongs and sentimental parlor tunes

from the bloody four-year conflict between the Union and Confederate states.

Both albums stand as a testament to Ford’s sensitivity and versatility as a vocalist. No other American popular singer of

his era could interpret such diverse, historic material as effortlessly as Ford did on his Civil War albums. He breezes

through spirited comic songs with the same light-hearted touch that made him one of the country’s most beloved

television personalities. His somber, unforgettable bass-baritone vocals on Lorena and The Vacant Chair underscore the

sadness and despair that inspired these laments. Ford’s musical director Jack Fascinato skillfully blended elements of

period authenticity into arrangements that would appeal to contemporary audiences.

Ford fans and Civil War enthusiasts alike have long waited for a definitive compact disc reissue of these classic albums.

An earlier Capitol CD collection, released after Ken Burns’ acclaimed 1990 documentary series The Civil War aired on

American public television, slipped out of print before anyone knew it existed. Copies now fetch more than US$100 on

collectors’ markets – when they turn up at all.

This Bear Family compact disc finally restores all twenty-four songs from these landmark LPs. This reissue also includes

a booklet containing the complete lyrics for each song – including verses that Ford and Fascinato edited from their

recordings – and new notes on the songs and original albums by Dave Samuelson.

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  • 1. Stonewall Jackson's Way
  • 2. Lorena
  • 3. Riding A Raid
  • 4. Maryland, My Maryland
  • 5. Goober Peas
  • 6. I Can Whip The Scoundrel
  • 7. The Bonnie Blue Flag
  • 8. The Valiant Conscript
  • 9. The Rebel Soldier
  • 10. The Southern Wagon
  • 11. Flight Of The Doodles
  • 12. Dixie
  • 13. The Army Of The Free
  • 14. Virginia's Bloody Soul
  • 15. Marching Song (Of The First Arkansas Negro Regiment)
  • 16. The Why And The Wherefore
  • 17. The Vacant Chair
  • 18. The Fall Of Charleston
  • 19. The New York Volunteer
  • 20. The Faded Coat Of Blue
  • 21. Marching Through Georgia
  • 22. Just Before The Battle, Mother
  • 23. The Girl I Left Behind Me
  • 24. Union Dixie

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