Spaniels - The Complete Releases 1953-62 (2CD) (CD)

Spaniels - The Complete Releases 1953-62 (2CD) (CD)


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Disc: 1
1. Baby It's You (The Spaniels)
2. Bounce (The Spaniels)
3. The Bells Ring Out (The Spaniels)
4. House Cleaning (The Spaniels)
5. Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight (The Spaniels)
6. You Don't Move Me (The Spaniels)
7. Play It Cool (The Spaniels)
8. Let's Make Up (The Spaniels)
9. Do-Wah (The Spaniels)
10. Don'cha Go (The Spaniels)
11. Painted Picture (The Spaniels)
12. Hey, Sister Lizzie (The Spaniels)
13. False Love (The Spaniels)
14. Do You Really (The Spaniels)
15. Dear Heart (The Spaniels)
16. Why Won't You Dance (The Spaniels)
17. Since I Fell For You (The Spaniels)
18. Baby Come Along With Me (The Spaniels)
19. Please Don't Tease (The Spaniels)
20. You Gave Me Peace Of Mind (The Spaniels)
21. I.O.U. (The Spaniels)
22. Everyone's Laughing (The Spaniels with Al Smith's Orchestra)
23. You're Gonna Cry (The Spaniels)
24. I Need Your Kisses (The Spaniels)
25. I Lost You (The Spaniels)
Disc: 2
1. Crazee Babee (The Spaniels)
2. Great Googley Moo (The Spaniels)
3. Tina (The Spaniels)
4. Stormy Weather (The Spaniels)
5. Here Is Why I Love You (The Spaniels)
6. Baby It's You - Re-recorded version (The Spaniels)
7. Heart And Soul (The Spaniels)
8. Trees (The Spaniels)
9. I Like It Like That (The Spaniels)
10. These Three Words (The Spaniels)
11. 100 Years From Today (The Spaniels)
12. People Will Say We're In Love (The Spaniels)
13. I Know (The Spaniels)
14. Bus Fare Home (The Spaniels)
15. A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening (The Spaniels)
16. Little Joe (The Spaniels)
17. The Posse (The Spaniels)
18. So Deep Within (The Spaniels)
19. Baby Sweets (The Spaniels)
20. I Love You For Sentimental Reasons (The Spaniels)
21. Meek Man (The Spaniels)
22. Turn Out The Lights (The Spaniels)
23. John Brown (The Spaniels)
24. Boot-Um (Clarence Pro McClam with The Spaniels)
25. A Rockin' Good Way (Priscilla Bowman)
26. I Ain't Givin' Up Nothing (Priscilla Bowman)

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