Don & Dewey - Specialty Legends-Jungle Hop (CD)

Don & Dewey - Specialty Legends-Jungle Hop (CD)


”Don Bowman Harris and Dewey Terry Jnr were hugely influential on other artists, but despite their talent for writing classic songs, never received the acclaim due to them. The biggest UK hit with one of their songs was by Donny and Marie Osmond, with ”Leaving It All Up To You”; something a career never recovers from…. Both were born in 1938 and bought up in southern California, where both experienced childhoods full of musical influences from other members of their families. Their first single for Specialty was ”Jungle Hop” released in 1957 and they never looked back. Classic songs followed including ”Leavin’ It All Up To You”, ”Bim Bam” & ”Justine”. Don ”Sugarcane” Harris went on to become a respected violinist and recorded at least seven solo albums and appeared on five Mothers of Invention albums, most notably ”Weasels Ripped My Flesh”. From Specialty recording artist to Zappa sidekick… The legacy of Don & Dewey is sure to live on through their catalogue of hit songs and this CD release amply proves that.”

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  • 1. Jungle Hop
  • 2. A Little Love
  • 3. Hey Thelma
  • 4. Baby Gotta Party
  • 5. Miss Sue
  • 6. Good Morning
  • 7. I'm Leaving It All Up To You
  • 8. Jelly Bean
  • 9. Sweet Talk
  • 11. Just A Little Lovin'
  • 12. The Letter
  • 13. When The Sun Has Begun To Shine
  • 14. Bim Bam
  • 15. Day By Day
  • 16. Koko Joe
  • 17. Justine
  • 18. Little Sally Walker
  • 19. Kill Me
  • 20. Big Boy Pete
  • 21. Farmer John
  • 22. Pink Champagne
  • 23. Jump Awhile
  • 24. Mammer Jammer
  • 25. Get Your Hat