West Speedy - Steel Guitar (CD)

West Speedy - Steel Guitar (CD)


Fresh from backing early hits by Tennessee Ernie Ford and other Capitol Records artists, Speedy West, country music’s first pedal-steel guitarist cut a series of staggeringly wonderful sides in the early ’50s. Here’s the best of West-accompanied by his perennial sidekick, lightning-fingered guitarist Jimmy Bryant-featuring a series of fiery instrumentals such as Speedin’ West,” a song so beloved it was tabbed by many a country DJ as his theme song, balanced out by reflective ballads such as ”West Of Samoa” and tranquil desert excursions like ”Sunset.” Tracked 50 years ago, this material sounded timelessly wonderful then and is just as verdant and invigorating today!”

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  • 1. Speedin' West
  • 2. Railroadin'
  • 3. West of Samoa
  • 4. Caffeine Patrol
  • 5. Our Paradise
  • 6. Flippin' the Lid
  • 7. This Ain't the Blues
  • 8. Stainless Steel
  • 9. Steelin' Moonlight
  • 10. Truck Drivers Ride
  • 11. Sunset
  • 12. Steel Strike