Speedmobile - Supersonic Beat Commando (CD)

Speedmobile - Supersonic Beat Commando (CD)


Speedmobile is the result of two of Holland’s “rockinest” rock & roll bands put together.

The trio Speedmobile consists of Batmobile’s frontman Jeroen Haamers, and Peter Pan Speedrock’s drummer Bart Nederhand and bassist Bart Geevers. What started off as a one-off for a Lemmy tribute, turned into a fulltime band with brand new material. After releasing their EP, it’s time for their full-length debut album.

This 15-track set is titled Supersonic Beat Commando and consists of 14 self-penned tracks and a fantastic cover version of the rock & roll classic “Train Kept A-Rollin’”.

An intensive tour will follow the release of this album.

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Tuottaja Butler
Vuosi 2022

1. Iron Ride
2. Supersonic Beat Commando
3. Drunk, Fight. Fuck All Night Long
4. Mmm Babalama
5. The Death Of Me
6. Fun Control
7. J.D. (My Friend)
8. Bang Bang Bang
9. Wrong Side Of My Head
10. Run Motherfucker Run
11. Fucked Up Love Affair
12. Mindgames
13. Dr. Worst
14. Repo Man
15. Train Kept-A-Rollin`

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