Supersuckers - Holdin` The Bag (CD)

Supersuckers - Holdin` The Bag (CD)


The Supersuckers aren’t just The Greatest Rock n’ Roll Band In The World, their Country Music credentials speak for themselves having collaborated with some of the genre’s biggest names including Willie Nelson and Steve Earle. ”Holdin’ The Bag” the picks up where their 1997 Sub Pop country classic ”Must’ve Been High” leaves off and includes performances from Hayes Carll & Lydia Loveless.

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1. Holdin` the Bag
2. This Life (would be a whole lot better if I didn´t have to share it) With You   feat. Hayes Carll
3. High & Outside
4. Man On a Mission
5. I Can`t Cry featuring Lydia Loveless
6. Let`s Bounce
7. I Do What I Can (To get by)
8. Jibber Jabber
9. That`s How It Gets Done
10. Shimmy & Shake
11. All My Rowdy Friends (Have settled down)

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