Shotgun - Tennessee Rockin` (CD)

Shotgun - Tennessee Rockin` (CD)


”Legendaarinen eka albumi nyt cd;nä! Shotgun were one of the pioneering bands of the Rockabilly Rivival alongside Matchbox, Crazy Cavan and The Flying Saucers. Although the band members have all appeared in other bands, Shotgun have stayed together from the beginning and continue to record and perform powerhouse Rock ’n’ Roll & Rebel Rockabilly to the present day.

All of Shotgun’s back catalogue has been issued on CD (much of it on the Raucous label) with the exception of ’Tennessee Rockin”, their first album and the release that established them as one of British Rock ’n’ Roll’s top names. Well, here at last is the eagerly awaited CD release of ’Tennessee Rockin”, with it’s original artwork and new extensive liner notes from BlackCat Rockabilly Marijn Raaijmakers. A long overdue CD release for an important contribution to British Rock ’n’ Roll history.

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  • 1. Cadillac '55
  • 2. Jubal Cane
  • 3. Tennessee Rockin'
  • 4. Hillbilly Shuffle
  • 5. Save Me Pretty Baby
  • 6. Saturday Night Rockin'
  • 7. Boogie Woogie Feeling
  • 8. Rockabilly Rebel
  • 9. Greycoat Boy
  • 10. Rock 'n' Roll Hotel
  • 11. Pontiac '59
  • 12. Billygoat Rock.

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