Various - That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 42 – Rockabilly & Rock ’n’ Roll From The Vaults Of King, Federal & DeLuxe Records (CD)

Various - That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 42 – Rockabilly & Rock ’n’ Roll From The Vaults Of King, Federal & DeLuxe Records (CD)


1-CD (Digipak) with 36 page booklet, 30 tracks. Total playing time approx. 71 min.

The first of two CDs that feature recordings from Cincinnati’s legendary King label in the successful ’That’ll Flat…Git It!’ series of rock ’n’ roll and rockabilly on Bear Family Records.
Beginning in the mid-1950s, King Records – founded in 1943 – released outstanding rockabilly along with R&B and country.
The musicians were primarily from Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, including icons like Charlie Feathers, Trini Lopez, Bruce Channel and Rusty York, teen rockers like Wes Voight and Fuller Tood, and guys like Moon Mullican and Dave Dudley.
Over the years, King’s R&R and rockabilly catalog grew to compete internally with R&B and C&W.
Detailed liner notes by Chicago music historian, Bill Dahl on the history of the label and each artist in the extensive booklet, plus lots of photos, illustrations and carefully mastered recordings from the best possible sources.

Launched by Syd Nathan in late 1943, Cincinnati’s King Records held a unique place within the postwar record industry: it was equally prolific and successful in the rhythm and blues and country and western fields.

That placed it in excellent stead when rockabilly broke out during the mid-1950s; young rocking talent abounded in the tri-state area surrounding Cincy (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana), and King attracted the cream of the crop.

King recorded so many rockabilly classics that it took two of Bear Family’s ‘That’ll Flat…Git It!’ volumes just to gather the highlights. Volume 1 includes seminal performances by label mainstays Charlie Feathers, Mac Curtis, and piano-pounding Moon Mullican as well as rip-roaring obscurities by Hank Mizell (Jungle Rock), Dave Dudley (Rock And Roll Nursery Rhyme), Trini Lopez (a pre-fame Rock On), Bruce Channel, Hardrock Gunter, Delbert Barker, Rusty York, and Joe Penny.

Boyd Bennett and His Rockets—King’s answer to Bill Haley and His Comets—are here too, as are teen rockers Wes Voight and Fuller Todd and country stalwarts Luke McDaniel and Bob Newman. King ended up just as rich in rockabilly and rock and roll as it had been in R&B and C&W; this collection and its companion volume BCD17715 pay expansive tribute to Nathan’s visionary operation.

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01 Clock Tickin’ Rhythm – Cecil McNabb, Jr.
02 No Good – Robin Hood – Delbert Barker
03 Say So – Mac Curtis
04 Your Kind Of Lovin’ – Donnie White
05 One Hand Loose – Charlie Feathers
06 Jungle Rock – Hank Mizell
07 Annie Don’t Work – Ronnie Wade
08 Rock On – Trini Lopez
09 Eeny-Meeny Miney Mo – Bob & Lucille
10 Haulin’ Freight – Bob Newman
11 You’re Gonna Like My Baby – Bill Beach
12 Stop The World (guitar version) – The Bon-Aires
13 You Upset Me Baby – Boyd Bennett and His Rockets
14 I’m Mad With You – Moon Mullican
15 Bip A Little, Bop A Lot – Joe Penny
16 Nobody’s Woman – Charlie Feathers
17 If I Had Me A Woman – Mac Curtis
18 Shake ’em Up – Rusty York
19 I’ll Give’em Rhythm – Hardrock Gunter
20 Rock And Roll Nursery Rhyme – Dave Dudley
21 Chicken Out – Wayne Carroll
22 Good, Good, Good – Ken McDonald
23 Put The Chain On The Door – Boyd Bennett and His Rockets
24 Don’t You Love Me – Mac Curtis
25 Top Ten Rock – Fuller Todd
26 Yes You Do – Trini Lopez
27 Midnight Blues – Wes Voight & The Town Three
28 Rock ’n’ Roll Mr. Bullfrog – Moon Mullican
29 Slow Down Baby – Bruce Channel
30 One More Heart – Luke McDaniel

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