Jennings Waylon - The Restless Kid-Live At JD`s (CD)

Jennings Waylon - The Restless Kid-Live At JD`s (CD)


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All fans of early Waylon Jennings, who will already have our boxed sets, need this complementary release for the complete picture. In the early Sixties, Waylon was a featured artist at JD’s club in Phoenix, Arizona. The justly acclaimed JD’s album was included on our ’Phoenix To L.A.’ album as well as on our first boxed set, but here’s a real – and welcome – surprise. It’s Waylon Jennings actually recorded at JD’s
(the JD’s album was studio recordings).

Now we can hear exactly how Waylon Jennings sounded on-stage in his pre-Outlaw days. There weren’t as many original songs as there would be in years to come. Instead, we hear Waylon Jennings put his inimitable stamp on oldies and current hits like High Heel Sneakers, Memphis, Tennessee, Girl Of The North Country, and It Ain’t Me Babe. In all, 25 previously unheard songs from one of the greatest country stars of our time.

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  • 1. Just To Satisfy You
  • 2. I Don´t Care
  • 3. Girl From The North Country
  • 4. The Last Letter
  • 5. Burning Memories
  • 6. Hi-Heel Sneakers
  • 7. Lorena
  • 8. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
  • 9. Sloop John B.
  • 10. Second Chances
  • 11. You´re My One And Only
  • 12. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
  • 13. Heartaches For A Dime (JERRY GROPP)
  • 14. Excuse Me (JERRY GROPP)
  • 15. Still In Town (JERRY GROPP)
  • 16. Take Me Home
  • 17. The Restless Kid
  • 18. The Streets Of Laredo
  • 19. Pretty Paper
  • 20. Dream Baby
  • 21. Alpha And Omega
  • 22. Candy Man
  • 23. Memphis, Tennessee
  • 24. Th´ Wife
  • 25. I´m Gonna Marry Polly Ann
  • 26. Down Came The World
  • 27. It Ain´t Me, Babe

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