Thompson Hayden - Learning The Game (LP)

Thompson Hayden - Learning The Game (LP)


The Godfather of Rockabilly, Iron Hayden… those are a few of the nicknames given to Hayden Thompson, and they tell the story of a highly loved and respected genuine 1950s rock ’n’ roll legend. He started his career on Sun Records, alike Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Charlie Rich and Roy Orbison, just to mention a few of the young wild-eyed southern boys, who frequented the tiny recording studio at 706 Union Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee.

Hayden Thompson’s career has spanned over seven decades, and even though the hit record he’s been looking for has not yet emerged, he refuses to remain a footnote. ”I’m 78 years old and I don’t know how much time I have left, but I know I can still entertain people”, he says. He still gives shows within the rockabilly circuit on two continents, and his loyal fans treat him like he sold 10 million records. His recordings of this millennium definitely prove that he is certainly at the top of his game, and that his voice is as powerful and authoritative as ever.

The new album ”Learning the Game” will be the third one in the series of Hayden Thompson’s new recordings on Bluelight Records, Finland. While the first one, simply titled ”Hayden Thompson” (2007), was an uptown country album, and the follow-up ”Standing Tall” (2010) pure rock ’n’ roll, the third one proudly presents more stripped-down rockabilly from hand-picked covers to original songs contributed by various songwriters, served by Mr. Thompson and his right-hand men, the fabulous Bluelight A-team.

Hayden Thompson is a force of nature that keeps coming back stronger. Bluelight Records is proud to present in March 2017 the hardest and toughest Hayden Thompson album thus far.

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side A [1] [1] To The Bone [2] Trouble On The Line [3] I Told A Lie [4] Faster Than The Speed Of The Sound [5] Fool Me Again [6] Hey Hey Train /

side B [1] Guns [2] Devilish Charms [3] Honey Sweet** [4] Don't Go [5] Since I Met You Baby** [6] Learning The Game
** songs on the LP edition only

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