Various - That`ll Flat Git It Vol 9 (CD)

Various - That`ll Flat Git It Vol 9 (CD)


Rockabillyä! Kolmas osa Decca levy-yhtiön materiaalia. TOIMII!!!

Bear Family’s ’That’ll Flat Git It’ series is generally acknowledged as the greatest rockabilly reissue series of all time! Now we’re nearing the end because we vowed at the outset that we would only issue the best …later for the rest! This is the third offering from US Decca Records, and the mixture as before is great unknowns rubbing shoulders with country and pop and even polka stars gettin’ hep to the beat.

We have Fred Neil, later a folk superstar (Everybody’s Talkin’, The Dolphins), but in ’58 he was Buddy Holly’s buddy and cuttin’ rockabilly. Great rockabilly too! We have the mysterious Billy The Kid performing the original version of Apron Strings, later sung by Elvis and Cliff Richard. We have Baker Knight who later became Ricky Nelson’s songwriter-in-residence singing Just Relax (which is the one thing that won’t happen as you listen to this collection!) And we have country superstars like Jim Eanes, Bobby Helms (Tennessee Rock ’n’ Roll), Carl Belew (the incredible Cool Gator Shoes), and even Bob Wills gettin’ a  little wild. As before, though, the real story is the great unknowns, guys like Wayne Handy, Lewis Pruitt, Ray Doggett, and Doug Powell. Rockabilly was smalltime guys figuring they could make it. Most didn’t but they left some great by-God-rockabilly behind! Thirty slices of it are here!

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  • 1. Mimi Roman: Little Lovin'
  • 2. Freddie Neil & Friend: Listen Kitten
  • 3. Bobby Helms: Tennessee Rock 'N' Roll
  • 4. Billy The Kid: Apron Strings
  • 5. Red Smith: Whoa Boy
  • 6. Wayne Handy: Betcha Didn't Know
  • 7. The Alcons: Black Jack
  • 8. Charlie Phillips: Be My Bride
  • 9. Ray Doggett: It Hurts The One Who Loves You
  • 10. Lewis Pruitt: Crazy Bullfrog
  • 11. Baker Knight: Just Relax
  • 12. Jim Eanes: Wiggle Worm Wiggle
  • 13. Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys: So Let's Rock
  • 14. Matys Brothers: Crazy Street
  • 15. Carl Belew: Folding Money
  • 16. Billy Jack Hale: Your Eyes
  • 17. Doug Powell: Tired Man
  • 18. Wayne Handy: I Think You Oughta Look Again
  • 19. Roy Duke: Behave, Be Quiet Or Begone
  • 20. Lewis Pruitt: This Little Girl (Has A Magic Touch)
  • 21. Bobby Sykes: Touch Of Loving
  • 22. Joey Biscoe: You Lovin' Doll
  • 23. Jules Blattner: No Money Down
  • 24. Jerry Mason: Strange Feeling
  • 25. Billy Mize: Solid Sender
  • 26. Paris Brothers: This Is It
  • 27. Chester Smith: Rock Go Round
  • 28. Chuck Sims: Little Pigeon
  • 29. Dav Kipp: No Sweat Baby
  • 30. Carl Belew: Cool Gator Shoes

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