Various - Voodoo Mambosis And Other Tropical Diseases Vol. 1 (LP)

Various - Voodoo Mambosis And Other Tropical Diseases Vol. 1 (LP)


Limited to 500 copies! No repress! Transparent yellow vinyl! Hype sticker on front!

Voodoo Mambosis And Other Tropical Diseases is the start of a new series on Stag-O-Lee. Three volumes are planned.

The original records come from the record box of our esteemed friend Duke Jens-O-Matic, who has been a graphic
designer, internationally acclaimed DJ, collector and hunter for decades.
Jens-O-Matic was there when we first breathed life into Stag-O-Lee and he delivered four volumes of the wonderful Jim
Jam Gems 10” series. Each stylistically self-contained. He is currently working on further Jim Jam Gems volumes, but is
struggling with the liner notes because “one has an educational mission!”.
Now to the record at hand:
What does a friend of the obscure 7″ do when he already has everything in the field of Rhythm & Blues etc.? He is looking
for other fields of activity. Different countries, different music, different influences. So does our Jens-O-Matic. He made a
little trip around the world here, let his new love of cumbia flow in, mixed in a pinch of voodoo, reactivated some old blues
heroes, plus some exotica – it never hurts.
The great art is to combine these on paper disparate elements in such a way that something unique and consistently
exciting is created. Voodoo Mambosis And Other Tropical Diseases is the best example of this!
The cover, also designed by Jens-O-Matic, is a homage to the groundbreaking ’84 compilation Rockabilly Psychosis and
the Garage Disease!

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Tuotekoodi Stag-o-208
Tuottaja Stag-O-Lee
Vuosi 2023

Side A
1. Lloyd Prince Thomas Rookombey
2. Willie Dixon – Firey Love
3. Combo Los Galleros – Soledad
4. Shadow & Gavan – Golli Golli
5. J.B. Lenoir Voodoo Boogie
6. Otis Banks Sazarac
7. Xavier Cugat Africano Soy

Side B.
1. Kentrick Patrick Beyond
2. Celia Cruy Matiuaga
3. The Mariners Zindy Lou
4. Louis Jones The Birds Is Coming
5. Tamiko Watanabe O Yards For Love
6. Benz Moré – Donde Estabas Tu
7. Inorvia Simon & Renée Mirault – Nan Point La Vie Encore Oh!

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