Hawkmen - When It’s Gone (CD)

Hawkmen - When It’s Gone (CD)


The highly anticipated second album “When It’s Gone” is here! 11 all original songs drawing from an array of influences such as rhythm’n’blues, rock’n’roll, northern soul and rockabilly which they bring together in a classic, rootsy hybrid blend.

This new album follows the success of their debut album, which has seen over 1,000,000 YouTube views of the track ‘Baby Tonight’ video, 6 songs from the album receiving airplay on BBC radio, and led to the
band signing to the UK’s number one independent booking agent.

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Dimensions 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm
Tuotekoodi GREYCD043
Tuottaja Greystone Records
Vuosi 2022
Video https://youtu.be/eNfS5IP4yzI

1 When It’s Gone
2 Temple Meads
3 Big Bertha
4 Bonnie And Clyde
5 Back Around
6 Hawkmen Stomp
7 Night Out In Tokyo
8 Funky Feet
9 Under Your Spell
10 Down The River
11 James Dean

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