Wigsville Spliffs - Fat 41 (CD)

Wigsville Spliffs - Fat 41 (CD)


This is the album we should have released 25 years ago, but it never seemed to happen as we were always giving tracks away for inclusion on compilation albums. Since the reformation of the Spliffs in 2008, the idea of completing this album has been in the forefront of our minds, however we didn’t have enough material in the drawer. So, we set about writing new songs in the same style as we did back in the day, including completing a track started off by our ol’ mate Boz Boorer. After gigging the new songs we got back into the studio and laid down 12 tracks of thumping neo-rockabilly, the majority of which are self-penned tunes. For those who are fans of the old school stuff, played today as it was back in the exiting times of the early eighties: put this record on and crank up the volume. When this music gets in your blood, it’s there for life.

Mike Lister, Wigsville Spliffs

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  • 1. Red Mist
  • 2. Low Down &Dirty
  • 3. Gamblin Train
  • 4. Face In the Fire
  • 5. Fat 41
  • 6. High Class Power
  • 7. Forever Young
  • 8. I smell A Rat
  • 9. Lime Squeezer
  • 10. All You Gotta Do
  • 11. Salt Shaker
  • 12. Ain't Lonely No More

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