Willis Chuck - The Complete Singles As & Bs 1951-1958 (2CD) (CD)

Willis Chuck - The Complete Singles As & Bs 1951-1958 (2CD) (CD)


Chuck Willis was a hugely talented and distinctive R&B, blues and rock ’n’ roll singer and songwriter during the 1950s, his life and career cut short in 1958 when he succumbed to illness at the age of 30, a tragedy which undoubtedly prevented him from making his mark in an even more emphatic way during the post rock ’n’ roll era and beyond.

He was a highly convincing blues shouter, but he also was adept at performing smooth R&B ballads, which enabled his writing and recording to range across the different styles during what was a dynamic era in popular music. After making his recording debut for Columbia in 1951, he moved across to their Okeh label, and had Top 5 R&B hits with My Story, Going To The River, You’re Still My Baby, before moving to Atlantic in 1956 to score more hits with It’s Too Late, C.C. Rider and R&B No. 1, and his sadly ironic valedictory No. 1 with What Am I Living For in 1958. Along the way, he wrote hits for other artists like Oh What A Dream for Ruth Brown.

This great value 57-track 2-CD set comprises the A and B sides of all his singles, plus some bonus LP tracks. As such, it represents a comprehensive overview of his chart-focused recording activity, and is an excellent showcase for his distinctive talent.

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Disc: 1

  1. It Ain'T Right To Treat Me Wrong
  2. Can'T You See
  3. I Rule My House
  4. I Tried
  5. Let'S Jump Tonight
  6. It'S Too Late Baby
  7. Here I Come
  8. Loud Mouth Lucy
  9. My Story
  10. Caldonia
  11. Wrong Lake To Catch A Fish
  12. Salty Tears
  13. Going To The River
  14. Baby Have Left Me Again
  15. Don'T Deceive Me
  16. I'Ve Been Treated Wrong Too Long
  17. My Baby'S Coming Home
  18. When My Day Is Over
  19. You'Re Still My Baby
  20. What'S Your Name
  21. I Feel So Bad
  22. Need One More Chance
  23. Change My Mind
  24. My Heart'S Been Broke Again
  25. Give And Take
  26. I'Ve Been Away Too Long
  27. Lawdy Miss Mary

Disc: 2

  1. Love Struck
  2. I Can Tell
  3. One More Break
  4. Search My Heart
  5. Ring-Ding-Doo
  6. It'S Too Late
  7. Kansas City Woman
  8. Juanita
  9. Whatcha' Gonna Do When Your Baby Leaves You
  10. Come On Home
  11. It Were You
  12. Charged With Cheating
  13. Two Spoons Of Tears
  14. C. C. Rider
  15. Ease The Pain
  16. That Train Has Gone
  17. Love Me Cherry
  18. Betty And Dupree
  19. My Crying Eyes
  20. What Am I Living For
  21. Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes
  22. My Life
  23. Thunder And Lightning
  24. Keep A-Driving
  25. You'Ll Be My Love
  26. Just One Kiss
  27. My Baby
  28. There'S Got To Be A Way
  29. Sugar Sugar

  30. Big Drops Of Rain

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