Gordon Robert - With Chris Spedding: Hellafied (CD)

Gordon Robert - With Chris Spedding: Hellafied (CD)


From the vault of rockabilly heores Robert Gordon and Chris Spedding comes this excellent collection of unreleased studio recordings!

Contains vibrant and energetic recordings, the bulk of which are from a lost 1998 album, and includes both original material and sensational cover songs!

Gordon and Spedding are some of the best known names in neo-rockabilly so this collection will definitely be greeted with a whole of shakin’!

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Tuotekoodi CLO2999CD
Tuottaja Cleopatra
Vuosi 2022

1. One Day Left
2. Please Don’t
3. Have I The Right
4. Middle Of The Night
5. Signs Of Love
6. I’ll Make It Right
7. Why (Don’t You Love Me)
8. I Saw A Smile
9. Don’t Let Go
10. Girl Like You
11. Please Don’t Touch
12. Tell Him No
13. You Donvt Know What You Got
14. Believe What You Say

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