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  • Peter Pan Speedrock - Speedfreak Manifesto DVD (DVD)


    The DVD Speedfreak Manifesto is not just the regular average DVD from a rockband. You know, with just a live gig on it and some boring superfluous bonus crap. No, without exaggerating we can say Speedfreak Manifesto is a real documentary of the musical career of the band. That�s why we like to call it a DVDocumentary!

    This DVDocumentary shows how a boy�s dream came true. How three guys from Eindhoven (Holland) became the best live band from the whole Benelux and made sure that from then on everybody would call their town Eindhoven Rockcity. Since their start somewhere around 1996 they evolved into this legendary live monster that overrule all other fellow bands in the rock genre. Don�t believe that, huh? Well, go see it for yourself and check out the 150 minutes of beer, sweat, chicks, cars and speedrock. It�s loud, mean, fast & dirty, man!

    The DVDocumentary takes us back to 1999, to the Dynamo Open Air festival. In the seven years that pass we see a band in action on numerous stages all over the globe. In Holland they play on Paaspop, Lowlands, Parkpop, Noorderslag, Pinkpop, Dauwpop, Waldrock, Dynamo Open Air and lots of other festivals. Abroad they hit the stage on Pukkelpop (Belgium), South By South West (USA), Roskilde (Denmark), Graspop (Belgium), North By North West (USA), With Full Force (Germany), Popkomm (Germany), Motorcross 24 heures Le Mans (France), Turbojugend Welttage (Germany) and much much more. Not only do they cross the borders to enter and conquer Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Tjech Republic, Luxembourg, France, Denmark and Italy – no, they also fly several times to the USA and Canada for a tour lasting a few weeks. There are not many dutch rockbands who can say they achieved that!! If you like to get amazed, check out the following link to see the gig list from 2001

    Did we also tell you that all three bandmembers each individually were rewarded as �best musician� – voted by hundreds of their fellow dutch musicians? Best guitarist, best bass player and best drummer! And that the band won the prestigious Zilveren Harp Award so they had to perform two songs with the dutch symphony orchestra Het Metropool Orkest (they choose to play their two hardest and meanest songs for this!).

    Okay, enough talking now! It�s time to hit the fridge and couch: take a beer, put on the DVDocumentary and prepare yourself for an evening filled with loudmouth speedrock.

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